Document 321289

13 October 2014
Dear Sir or Madam
We would like to inform you that the following notification has been published at the COBISS3 V6.1-00 software, which includes
new features and updates in the COBISS3/Cataloguing, COBISS3/Serials, COBISS3/Loan,
COBISS3/Interlibrary Loan, COBISS3/Application Administration and COBISS3/Reports
software modules, will be published on 15 October 2014.
In the COBISS3/Loan software module, new updates were added, which allow entering and
updating member data by downloading data from the reference students database, recording the
loan of sets, creating different overdue notice forms by individual library departments and
overdue notice numbers, creating different language versions of overdue notices for library
members who wish to receive overdue notices in another language, returning material in any
library department, returning material with restriction, transferring library material between
members, recording the loss of material, turning automatic e-notifications for members on and
off independently by a library, keeping loan records in the mobile library department, using
RFID self-checkout and RFID reader at the lending desk.
In the COBISS3/Interlibrary Loan and COBISS3/Application Administration software modules,
new features were added, on the basis of which, in libraries with departments (if they select this
option), department data can now be taken into account as the sender’s address in documents that
are created in the COBISS3/Interlibrary Loan software module.
In the COBISS3/Reports software module, new reports for loan and reports on the use of
financial means for the purchase of e-resources were installed, and some existing reports were
In the COBISS3/Cataloguing and COBISS3/Serials software modules, minor features and
updates were added.
You can find further explanation regarding new software features in the enclosure. User
documentation will be updated subsequently.
If you require any additional explanation or if you have any questions regarding this notification,
please send an e-mail to [email protected] or call IZUM’s Call Centre at +386 2 25 20 333.
Yours faithfully
Robert Vehovec, m.p.
Davor Šoštarič, m.p.
– Description of new features in the COBISS3 software, version V6.1-00