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A Christmas ambience
Part of Christmas is creating a festive
holiday atmosphere in our homes..
Decorations needn’t be bought from
a store. Be creative and use avai-lable materials such as fabric, wood,,
pine cones, candles, buttons, paperr
and leaves. The activity of making
decorations add to the fun.
Make an edible wrea
th from marshmallows. Photo: pre
Hang the message of love in your
home. Available at the Outeniqua
Fa ers’ Market, George.
with string lig
corative balls
stic look. Phot
make for a ru
Recycle wine corks into a
wreath. Photo:
A pretty alternative for the conventional Christmas tree. Photo: homedit.
Group Editors Holiday Guide - Garden Route and Karoo
Use w
wooden letters
to decorate your
patio and garden
able at the Oute
niqua Farmers’
Market, George
Thursday 12 December, 2013
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Don’t lose out during the holiday clean-up
Many people get their homes ready for the holidays
Ahead of the stream of family and friends visiting during this period, for some this means just
a major clean-up; for others it could mean minor
renovations such as painting and repairs.
No matter how big or small your festive plans
may be, you cannot forget safety and security in
and around your home.
“There are some practical safety measures that
can be implemented in this regard,” says Martin
Kriel, managing director of ADT Security East
Coast Region.
“If you are expecting a delivery or workmen at
your home, contact the companies before-hand
to find out what time you can expect them, how
many of their staff will be coming and who the
supervisor is that will accompany them.”
He suggested that when the workmen do arrive,
ask for the supervisor and if there is any doubt
about their identity, contact the employer again.
“If unfamiliar individuals are going to work inside
your home, be sure to lock away any valuables
that are small enough to fit into a pocket or backpack, or that would not be easily missed if they
were to disappear.
The same goes for car and house keys. If you
have guard dogs, don’t lock them away while
workmen are on your premises. Have a family
member keep them aside when the contractors
are moving in and out of your home, but let the
workmen be aware that they are there.”
Commercial Close
Mission Road,
George, (behind Stiles)
Tel: 083 412 8515
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Fresh lemon juice for lamb chops in a flash
with the Chef’n Freshforce citrus juicer.
Available at Kloppers, George.
The one-plate Snappy Chef Stove is a must-have in
every home. It can be built-in or used as a free standing,
portable stove, which may come in handy when you
entertain outdoors. It saves you at least 50 per cent
on electricity, is extremely safe to use and also saves
up to 64 per cent on cooking time. Also available with
double plates. Get them at Third Generation, George.
Thursday 12 December, 2013
Group Editors Holiday Guide - Garden Route and Karoo
Keep it simply stylish
Handy basting brush
from Chef’n. Available
at Kloppers, George.
Live style naturally
A Jamie Oliver apron and glove
for the braai master. Available
at Kloppers, George.
The Weber One Touch Premium charcoal braai
makes braaiing a breeze. It is weather-proof and
extremely durable. The fire and rust-resistant lid and
bowl are made from steel and are porcelain enamel
coated inside and out. Available at Kloppers, George.
George: t. 044 871 3222 @: [email protected] Mosselbay: t. 044 695 1800 @: [email protected]
In the Garden Route, entertaining outdoors is the way to go. Here
are a few helpful gadgets and appliances to help you do just that.
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Plastics for Africa
for everyone
Plastics for Africa was founded in
1988 by Mario Jacobs as a “out of
garage” distribution company.
In the last 20 years the company
has moved from this small start to
a multi-branch organisation, with
branches in Montague Gardens,
Somerset West, Tokai and now
also in George.
It is only through perseverance and
hard work that the company is what
it is today. Plastics for Africa boasts
a team of dedicated and friendly
staff, a huge range of products that
go beyond the plastic border and
that encompass a huge selection
of goods from stationary to sports
An entry on the consumer website, bear
eloquent testimony to Plastics
for Africa’s winning recipe:
“Over the past week we have been
Find Plastics for Africa George on the corner
of Mission Road and Commercial Close. GPS
Coordinates: S33° 57? 50.38’; E 22° 28? 35.54’
to buy containers 2-3 times.
The first person who my husband
and I both noticed was the Security guard. A warm greeting on entering. While walking around the
store he brought me a basket (that
I initially thought I wouldn’t need),
and immediately made himself
available to help with carrying and
packing items into the car. He even
engaged in conversation with my
10-year-old son.
While just looking at containers, we
were asked by a staff member if
they could be of assistance.
When we stopped someone who
was pushing a trolley of goods
elsewhere, he immediately stopped
what he was doing, and assisted
us in a most pleasant and efficient
Such an amazing attitude guys ....
Well done, see you again soon!”
at all Plastics for
Over 4500 different stock items in our domestic, industrial, catering, toy and outdoor departments.
ts. Africa stores.
Something for everyone • OPEN TO THE PUBLIC • Storage solutions for - Home, office, industry, school, off-road
ad and much more
Tel: 044 871 5630 • Cnr. mission & Commercial Close •
Group Editors Holiday Guide - Garden Route and Karoo
Thursday 12 December, 2013
george garden & home
Turn nightmares into
Falling asleep may seem like an impossible dream when you’re
awake at three in the morning, but good sleep is more under your
control than you might think.
Bedroom and mattress
A quiet, dark, and cool environment
can help promote sound slumber.
Lower the volume of outside noise
with earplugs or a ‘white noise’ appliance. Use heavy curtains, blackout
shades, or an eye mask to block light,
a powerful cue that tells the brain that
it’s time to wake up. Keep the temperature comfortably cool and the room
well ventilated. And make sure your
bedroom is equipped with a comfortable mattress and pillows. Remember that most mattresses wear out
after ten years.
Keeping computers, TVs, and work
materials out of the room will strengthen the mental association between
your bedroom and sleep.
Pre-sleep routine
Light reading before bed is a good
way to prepare yourself for sleep.
Ease the transition from wake time
to sleep time with a period of relaxing
activities an hour or so before bed.
Take a bath, read a book, or practice
relaxation exercises. Avoid stressful,
stimulating activities. If you tend to
take your problems to bed, try writing
them down - and then putting them
Truly tired
Struggling to fall sleep just leads to
frustration. If you’re not asleep after
20 minutes, get out of bed, go to another room, and do something relaxing,
like reading or listening to music until
you are tired enough to sleep.
No clock-watching
Staring at a clock in your bedroom, either when you are trying to fall asleep
or when you wake in the middle of the
night, can actually increase stress,
making it harder to fall asleep. Turn
your clock’s face away from you.
And if you wake up in the middle of
the night and can’t get back to sleep in
about 20 minutes, get up and engage
in a quiet, restful activity such as reading or listening to music. And keep
the lights dim; bright light can stimulate your internal clock. When your
eyelids are drooping and you are
ready to sleep, return to bed.
Take a good nap
sleep your heart
out during the ho
Use light to your advantage
Natural light keeps your internal clock
on a healthy sleep-wake cycle. So
let in the light first thing in the morning and get out of the office for a sun
break during the day.
Internal clock
Having a regular sleep schedule helps
to ensure better quality and consistent sleep. Going to bed and waking
up at the same time each day sets the
body’s ‘internal clock’ to expect sleep
at a certain time night after night.
Nap early
Many people make naps a regular
part of their day.
However, for those who find falling
asleep or staying asleep through the
night problematic, afternoon napping
may be one of the culprits. If you must
nap, it’s better to keep it short and before 17:00.
Lighten up
Finish dinner several hours before
bedtime and avoid foods that cause
indigestion. If you get hungry at night,
snack on foods that (in your experience) won’t disturb your sleep, perhaps dairy foods and carbohydrates.
Fluid intake
Drink enough fluid at night to keep
from waking up thirsty - but not so
much and so close to bedtime that
you will be awakened by the need for
a trip to the bathroom.
Exercise early
Exercise can help you fall asleep faster and sleep more soundly - as long
as it’s done at the right time.
Professional help
If your sleep difficulties don’t improve
through good sleep hygiene, you may
want to consult your physician or a
sleep specialist.
Following healthy sleep habits can
make the difference between restlessness and restful slumber. Researchers have identified a variety of
practices and habits known as ‘sleep
hygiene’ - that can help anyone maximise the hours they spend sleeping.
Here are simple tips for making the
sleep of your dreams a nightly reality:
Avoid chemicals
As any coffee lover knows, caffeine is
a stimulant that can keep you awake.
So avoid caffeine (found in coffee,
tea, chocolate, cola, and some pain
relievers) for four to six hours before
bedtime. Similarly, smokers should
refrain from using tobacco products
too close to bedtime. Although alcohol
may help bring on sleep, after a few
hours it acts as a stimulant, increasing
the number of awakenings and generally decreasing the quality of sleep
later in the night. It is therefore best
to limit alcohol consumption to one
to two drinks per day, or less, and to
avoid drinking within three hours of
TEL: 044 873 0808
Home-Store offers you incredible prices on a huge selection of designer
living sourced from around the globe.
We’re celebrating a new beginning with discount on selected
merchandise and that you need to make everyday life a little more special.
Tel: 044 873 0830
DAVIDSON, GEORGE I TEL: 044 873 0845
* Terms and Conditions Apply. Child must order from the PODS menu.
Thursday 12 December, 2013
Group Editors Holiday Guide - Garden Route and Karoo
garden & home
Geared for outdoor entertaining. Photo:
Outdoor living spaces for
The unbeatable climate of the Garden Route allows us to do much
of our socialising and entertaining during the December holidays outdoors. For that, an inviting outdoor space is needed that is geared towards the comfort of your guests, but also a place where you can put
your feet up and relax. It must be practical at the same time for ease of
entertaining. Here are some furniture ideas from suppliers in George.
Keep cool under a stylish
outdoor umbrella from Third
Generation, George.
Elegant and comfortable. Outdoor furni
from Kloppers, George.
Modern and chic. This lounge set is avail
at Kloppers, George.
Fleas at the
Comfort Through Technology
We specialize in hot
water, heat pumps
and solar
the sole importers
of Stiebel Eltron
renewable equipment.
We wish all our
present and
clients a
Merry Christmas
and a prosperous
New Year
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044 850 1188
The constant threat of fleas
is far more pronounced at the
coast than inland and many pet
owners living along the coast
may find themselves at a loss
when it comes to fighting what
often seems to be an ‘uphill battle’
against these home invaders.
The reason for the unwavering activities of flfleas
at the coast can be contributed to a number of
factors including the higher rainfall, humidity levels and temperatures throughout the year,
dense coastal shrub and the presence of beach
sand - creating the perfect haven for fleas to
operate all year round. Fleas very rarely jump
from one pet to another, as is often thought.
Instead they are ‘picked up’ from infested flea
environments and hosts. Vervet monkeys and
other wildlife in the dense coastal vegetation are
excellent hosts to these parasites. The infested
host may leave flea eggs behind, which eventually hatch only to seek out a new breeding
ground... your family pet.
The hazards caused by fleas can be detrimental
to both to pets and pet owners, often resulting in
the following:
Hair loss in dogs and cats due to intense itching and scratching caused by the flea infestation;
Flea Allergy Dermatitis - an unpleasant skin
condition caused by an allergy to the flea’s
Tapeworm - a harmful parasite found in the
small intestine of dogs;
Anemia in young dogs and cats due to the
large amount of blood loss caused by the
blood-sucking parasites.
Families who live at the coast with their pets
spend more time outdoors, making it important
to be on the lookout and treat for fleas on a continuous basis to prevent the invasion of these
seaside critters.
Group Editors Holiday Guide - Garden Route and Karoo
Helpful hints for effective
tick and flea prevention
Be aware of signs that could indicate a flea
problem, for example, if they’re scratching
more than usual.
Check your pets for both fleas and ticks on a
regular basis.
Check for fleas by running a flea comb
through your pet’s coat, making sure the
comb touches the skin below, or place a white
paper towel beneath your pet and rub your
hands across its fur. If black specks gather on
the comb or fall on the paper towel, it may be
flea dirt.
Keep your pets’ environment clean. Vacuum
frequently where your pets like to lounge,
especially carpets and soft coverings. Don’t
forget the inside of your car!
Regularly wash your pets’ beds, blankets,
toys and other soft items in 60°C water.
Prevention is better than cure. The female
flea can lay up to 46 eggs per day and these
will hatch within one to 10 days.
Giving your pets the very best will not only
reward their love and loyalty, but is also the
most cost-effective and efficient solution. Just
one pipette of Frontline® Plus, applied only
once every four weeks, provides highly effective protection against fleas and ticks.
For more information about the dangers of fleas
and how to protect your pets and your family throughout the year, visit www.frontlineplus. or call 0860 MERIAL 0860 637425.
Thursday 12 December, 2013