Ultrum® offers complete flea & tick protection.
Ultrum® Duration (home)
Reg. No. L7504 Act 36/1947
Treat the environment — pet's bedding, carpets
and furniture (one can covers ± 15-20m ).
Power-treat dogs with Ultrum® Ultimate
spray. This “instant knock-down” treatment
kills ticks and 100% of fleas within 24 hours and
has over three months killing activity against flea
eggs and larvae. Bath Y Dry Y Apply
Size(s): 350ml aerosol spray
A spot-on insecticidal solution for
the treatment and prevention of
flea and tick infestations.
Size(s): <10kg, 10-20kg, 20-40kg >40kg (two
treatments per box)
Ultrum Original Shampoo (dogs & cats)
Reg. No. G1758 Act 36/1947
A luxury flea shampoo containing
pyrethrum, a natural insecticide — safe for
even the youngest puppies and kittens.
Size(s): 250ml & 5L refill
Ultrum Plus Shampoo (dogs only)
Reg. No. G2770 Act 36/1947
A luxury flea shampoo for dogs > 6
weeks of age.
Ultrum Powder (dogs & cats)
Ultrum Line-Up , a spot on treatment
for dogs, kills ticks and adult fleas on
contact. Continues to kill adult fleas for up to 4
weeks. It inhibits development of flea eggs and
larvae for 5 months after application.
Shampoo your pet regularly using either
Ultrum® Original (safe for even the
youngest puppies and kittens) or Ultrum® Plus
for dogs, which provides all-over cleanliness
while fighting fleas and ticks.
Size(s): 250ml & 5L refill
Ultrum Powder for dogs (and cats and
birds!) is effective in treating pet's coat or
Reg. No. G3473 Act 36/1947
Pleasantly perfumed powder for use on pet’s
coat or bedding (and vacuum cleaner bags).
Reg. No. G3281 Act 36/1947
A long-acting spray with instant
flea and tick kill for complete
coverage in dogs.
Size(s): 100ml, 200ml & 1L Refill
Kyron Laboratories (Pty) Ltd
Co. Reg. No. 1990/004442/07
The Ultrum® range is available from your
veterinarian or veterinary retail outlet.
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Ultrum® Ultimate (dogs only)
Kyron Laboratories
Size(s): 100g Shaker
Reg. No. G3390 Act 36/1947
Guard against future infestations by using
Ultrum® Duration aerosol spray on pet's
bedding, in carpets and on furniture.
Ultrum — Complete Flea & Tick Protection
Ultrum® Line-Up® (dogs only)
The Ultrum® Range has been
created to provide everything
necessary for a total flea-fighting
Facts About Dogs & Fleas
, The number of fleas around usually
decreases in winter. These days most
houses are well-heated and insulated
so fleas have an ideal climate in which to
survive all year.
, As the flea bites it injects saliva into the skin.
Some dogs develop a hypersensitivity to this flea
saliva and become very itchy. This causes the dog
to scratch. Only one or two fleas would be
enough to cause severe irritation.
, Adult fleas have a short life. After a week or two
on a dog they simply die — but are continuously
being replaced by a fresh supply from the dog’s
, Once on a dog, the female flea starts to lay eggs
as soon as she has had a blood meal (normally
within an hour after biting the dog). She can lay
as many as 2,000 eggs in her two-week lifespan.
Icebergs & Armies
The fleas you see on your dog are just the tip
of the iceberg (5% of total). The huge
majority of any flea population is around
your dog, in the form of eggs, larvae
and pupae. They’re on your dog’s
bedding, in carpets, on furniture
and in cracks and crevices in the
A Well-Executed Plan
You can hunt down and
kill the 5% of fleas on
your dog with the correct treatment, but if
you don’t have a supportive plan to further
prevent infestations, it won’t be long before
a new army of hatched fleas will be
attacking your dog all over again. This
explains why flea treatments appear not to
have worked — you’ve treated your dog
and gotten rid of the fleas, so you relax and
its not long before your dog starts
scratching again. Effective flea treatment
depends on treating both the dog and the
Effective flea treatment depends
on treating both the dog and the
Don’t wait until the flea infestation has arrived.
Prevention is the best strategy. Provide ongoing
protection for your dog so that any fleas which do
jump on it are rapidly killed and any eggs or larvae
don’t grow into adult fleas. Treat all dogs in your
household regularly, summer and winter; treat your
environment and then just relax.
What Makes Ultrum Ultimate Different?
Ultrum® Ultimate contains four powerful ingredients
which give it instant kill power (watch those fleas and
ticks drop off), sustained action (keeps on killing
fleas for more than five weeks, when used in
conjunction with an environmental treatment
like Ultrum® Duration) and long-lasting action
via a special ingredient known as Insect
Growth Regulator (IGR), which has over
3 months killing activity against flea
eggs and larvae. For optimal effect,
spray Ultrum Ultimate onto the
50% coat and massage down to
ensure it reaches the skin.
Why Treat the Environment?
Fleas can produce hundreds of thousands of eggs.
Some of these eggs will be laid in out-of-the-way
places in your carpets, furniture, kennels, bedding
and cracks/crevices. Some might even survive the
treatment given to your dog. It is therefore equally
important to control adult fleas, larvae and eggs in
the environment. Treating the environment with
I bought
Ultrum Duration
aerosol surface
from my Veterinarian and
spray ensures
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the label — "Kills adult fleas
onto your dog
up to 2 months".
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Andrew Kingsley, Saldanha
When should Ultrum® Powder Be Used?
Some people prefer to use an insecticidal powder.
Pleasantly perfumed Ultrum® Powder controls fleas,
ticks, feather mites, red mites and lice on dogs, cats,
puppies, kittens and birds, including cage birds and
For added protection, sprinkle
onto pet’s bedding and into your
vacuum cleaner bag.
For added protection, sprinkle onto
pet’s bedding and into your
vacuum cleaner bag. For birds and
poultry: hold bird by legs and
lightly powder from above (take
care not to over-expose birds to
the fine powder).