Grand Haven Area Public Schools

Grand Haven Area Public Schools
1415 Beechtree St., Grand Haven, MI 49417
Phone: 616.850.5125 Fax: 616.850.5127
SEASON DATES: Saturdays, January 17 – March 21, 2015
GRADES: BOYS TEAMS 5th – 8th LOCATION: Grand Haven Area Public School Gyms
TEAM FEE: $50 per game
• Flexible scheduling, doubleheader options, or play specific weeks.
• We will do our best to provide competitive match-ups at all levels.
• MHSAA Certified Officials.
• Limited space available for teams, so register today to guarantee your spot.
• Sorry we are unable to accept registrations at the gym. Must be pre-registered.
• For more league information contact: Aaron Boos at [email protected]
ALL Players on the team must sign the player release form before they can participate.
(See for the form)
B3 Basketball Winter Challenge League
Team Fee: $50 per game
Total games_________
$_________ Enclosed
Team Name: ____________________________________Grade of team___________________
Coach Name:________________________ Phone:_______________ Cell Phone:___________
Address: ________________________________________City____________ Zip:___________
Email address:__________________________________________________________________
This team: ____ Practices in GH facilities
____ Does not practice in GH facilities
The undersigned has agreed to the commitment of the B3/NORA Winter Challenge League season for 2014 and
agrees to take responsibility for his/her team(s) in said league. Individual team/club organizations will cover their own
players’ liability insurance and expenditures.
Signature____________________________________________________________ Date____________________
Please make team registration payments at the NORA Office, 1415 Beechtree St., Grand Haven, MI 49417
Fee due at time of registration. Mail in, walk in or call - Visa/MasterCard accepted.
Make checks payable to NORA, “Northwest Ottawa Recreation Authority.”