A Doll’s House Act II Questions
Pre-AP English 10
Mr. Daniels
1. What is tormenting Nora as Act II opens?
2. What has Mrs. Linde concluded about the source of the loan?
3. What reason does Helmer give for saying Krogstad cannot return to the bank?
4. What danger does Nora say Krogstad poses to Helmer?
5. What assurances does Helmer give Nora when she is horrified about the firing?
6. What news does Doctor Rank reveal about himself?
7. How does Krogstad intend to go about his rehabilitation? What is ironic about his plan?
8. What is Mrs. Linde’s plan regarding the letter?
9. What does Nora imply at the end of the act?
10. Discuss the significance of light and dark in Act II. What do they represent? (Think specifically
about the conversation between Nora and Dr. Rank.)