A Doll House Act III Study Guide Pre

A Doll House Act III Study Guide
Pre-AP English 10
Mr. Daniels
Please answer the following questions from the play A Doll House by Henrik Ibsen. Answer each
question in sentence form.
1. What do we learn about the past relationship of Mrs. Linde and Krogstad?
2. What is the plan that Mrs. Linde come up with concerning her and Krogstad?
3. What does Dr. Rank say Nora should go as for the next masquerade party?
4. What does Torvald notice about the mailbox?
5. What letters does Torvald find first?
6. Why does Torvald wish that Nora was in terrible danger?
7. Right before Torvald reads the letter, what does Nora think about doing?
8. What does Torvald say that Nora can never be trusted to do?
9. What does the second letter say?
10. Nora says that this is the first time that she and Torvald have done what?
11. What job does Nora say she has to do before she can raise children?
12. What does Torvald say about giving up honor?
13. Dr. Rank suggests Nora should go to the next masquerade dressed as “Charmed Life,” and that
she should dress “just as she looks every day.” What is the implication about Nora’s daily life? Is
it charmed? Or is the charm a masquerade? Explain.
14. Discuss the irony in Torvald’s accusation that Nora has played with him “like a puppet.”
15. Discuss Nora’s decision to leave her family. Is it truly the only way she can reclaim her identity
and humanity?