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5090 W. Pasadena, Flushing, MI 48433!
810-733-2419 [email protected]!!
Office Hours: Monday - Thursday 10:00 am to 3:00 pm!
Pastor Ed Emmerling
Pastor Matt Wagner
810-964-7703 !
ed_ [email protected]!
810-515-9162 !
[email protected]!
We are excited that you are a part of our worship service today. As our
guest we want you to feel the warmth of our church family. We hope you
will feel free to participate in our worship today. Please stop by our Guest
Relations desk and sign our guest book. Then be sure to get a free cup
of coffee, cappuccino or hot cocoa from our coffee shop “Tom's Java.”
Week At A Glance!
9:30 am!
10:45 am!
7:00 pm!
11:00 am!
Bible Study!
Celebration !
Power Boost !
all ages!
Wednesday Night!
Power Boost!
Every Wednesday evening get a
spiritual boost for the week. In 1
Hour of Power, Students K-6th
Grade will have a Bible Lesson,
Scripture Memory time and fun
Activities. Youth and Adults will
be powered up as well, starting
with a time of Musical Worship,
then a study of the book
“Respectable Sins.”!
!Come 7 to 8pm to get powered
up midweek with the Word of
God and the blessing of
Upwards Basketball will be
coming to Westside January
through March for 5th, 6th, 7th,
and 8th grade students. We will
need people to work
concessions, referee and
coach. This is an awesome
evangelistic opportunity.
Please pray about joining
this ministry.
Flushing Christian
Outreach Center!
The Outreach Center is in
need of volunteers. The tasks
require a minimal amount of
commitment. The requested
donation for the month of
October is adult
toothbrushes. Please leave
them in our church office or
give to Leanne Ackert. For
more info call the Outreach
Center at 810-487-2223.
Pastor Appreciation!
Sunday Oct 26 is our Pastor
Appreciation Day. Please
bring a card or note for
Pastor Ed and Matt letting
them know how much you
appreciate them. We will have
a meal together immediately
after worship service to honor
them both. Please plan
on participating and
bring a favorite
dessert to share.
Baby Shower!
There will be a baby shower
for Natalie Gecele Oct. 25 at
noon here at the church. The
shower is being put on by
Brooke Wagner and Melissa
Marrero. There is a sign up
sheet on the board. Any
questions call Melissa at
We Won’t Be Shaken!
There are still quite a few
bracelets available for
purchase to help some of our
members who are struggling
with cancer. Please take 10
or more to sell at your
school, workplace, or
to friends and family.
Flushing Pumpkin Path
October 18!
Please continue to bring in candy
for Flushing Pumpkin Path on the
Trail. We will have a table set up
for this event which runs from
2-5pm. There is a sign up sheet
on the board for those willing
to help. Please call Anita Smith
@742-9447 for more info.
Candy donations go in
the box in the hallway.!
Sunday, October 12, 2014!
2 yr through 4 yr olds:!
K-3rd grade:!
Irene W, Mary K Christopher!
Tim Finton, Amanda Olsey!
Worship & Christmas Program Practice!
Tim Finton!
2 yr through 4 yr olds:!
K-3rd grade:!
(October 19, 2014)!
Irene W, Terry Jokinen!
Melissa Mays, Melissa Gunther! !
Worship & Christmas Program Practice!
Mike Schweikert
Prayer Concerns!
Our Nation/President/Armed Services /Missionaries!
Tabitha Aubrey Malone, Brad Lutz, Adam Huntoon, Phillip Smith II
and Michael Stump - are all serving our country!
Barry and Brenda Woods - on mission & work in Thailand!
Gene Stump !
Pat Kellar !
Rick Whitman!!
Chris & Toni Nickel!
Julie Haskin!
Tim,Phyllis Molyneux
Betty McCready
Rod Smith!
Theresa Marcus!
Patrick Alles