Fall 2013 Advice from Real Students Summer 2013

Issue 1
Fall 2013
Edgenuity: Helpful Tips
You can view the assignments for each day by
following the directions below:
1) Click on “Organizer” (top right corner)
2) Click on "Reports"
3) Click on "Assignment Calendar"
on to the next topic until you make a 70 or higher
on the assessment.
To see your graded assignments, click on
“Organizer”, then “Reports”, then “Scores and
Scroll through each course to see what to do for Feedback”. You can select the course you want
to see the assignments for. Click on the
that day in order to stay on target.
assignment name and you can view the
questions & answers.
The meter is also a useful tool:
Green= you're ahead
Blue= you're on target
1) Switch to Mozilla Firefox
Red= you're falling behind
2) Check your plugins (directions below)
3) Clear cached memory (directions below)
The written responses are usually computer
4) Make sure not to open any additional
graded, based on your use of complete sentences
browsers while you’re taking a quiz/test. This
and key terms. To ensure the highest grade, use
can cause the system to automatically submit
several key terms from that lesson. If you get a
your assessment, which sometimes
grade that is lower than you think you deserve,
automatically gives you a 0.
just email the teacher and ask them to manually
grade your response.
Click on "Resources", then "Check Plugins".
This will ensure that you have all the necessary
Whenever you make less than a 70 on an
software to run the videos.
assessment (quiz/test) you need to review your
results, go back over topics that you need help
on, and contact your teacher for help on
Hit "Control-Shift-Delete"... a little box should
anything you still don’t understand. When you’re pop up... change the Time frame to
ready, your teacher can give you an additional
"Everything"..... UNCHECK "Active Logins",
retake on that quiz. You won’t be able to move
make sure the one that says "Cookies" and
"Cache" ARE CHECKED. Hit "Clear Now".
Advice from Real Students Page#2
Tricks from the trade on being an online student.
Summer 2013 Page#3
What did IA students do over the summer?
The GHP Experience Page#4
Technology & Arts
The Voice Behind Siri
All Things Tech
You Ought to Know Artist
Anime and Conventions
Getting to Know…
Experiencing Spelman
Thought of the Month
Interpreting your Grade
Calendar Page#12
Study Cafe Page#13
Tips for Parents
Advice from Real Students
Tired of hearing advice from your parents and teachers? Here
are a few words of wisdom from real Impact students.
each lesson you do or another
assignment that you complete is
“I have a filing bin that is my SAVIOR!!! I call another
it my "homeschooling locker". I like to take step closer to being a
old quizzes from the last chapter that's good hardworking and excelling
to study and notes I took during the lesson, student.”
so each subject I have, I keep a separate
-Haley Biles, 9th grade
folder for each one. When taking notes
always just
abbreviate the
When taking notes
words and
always just
personalize them
abbreviate the words
Most of the time it
to you. My
and personalize
“Well, I normally
do whatever you want. I have found
take more
them to you.
go to the
that if I focus completely on a course
than at most 45
I would write
with no distractions, the
minutes per section,
down every single step and detail and I
calendar and write
assignments take only about an hour
from vocab to quiz.
realized that doing that it took me twice as
down the things I
long to finish a lesson.
and a half to complete.
have for that day, along with the number
Being a student we have a lot of other
Also, take breaks! I know that my
just cross off as I go, and when I get past
interests and distractions, especially when
becomes overwhelmed sometimes
the practice, I take about a five minute
working at your house. Working in a loud
too many subjects' assignments in
break to let it all soak in and go over the
room or in your house can be very
so I usually go get a snack
answers. Then I go on to the quiz/test. If
distracting, so I recommend going in your
out for a few minutes so my
you fail the test the first time, just go
room and sitting at a desk or table and this
which makes it so
back to the direct instruction and take a
really helps yourself to really focus on
much easier for me concentrate on my
few more notes. Most of the time it
lessons and work. These are some of my tips
work. A big part of me staying on track
shouldn't take more than at most 45
that have
is, of course, my mom; she stays on me
minutes per section, from vocab to quiz.”
…each lesson you do or
and makes sure I don't get behind and
-Daniel Donoghue, 10 grade
another assignment that you
that I have finished all of my
complete is another step
assignments for the day. These things
closer to being a hardworking
really do help me get through the day
and excelling student.
and actually make my life a whole lot
this school. Always keep a good attitude and
“Get rid of any distractions, like cell
easier and hopefully they could help
don't set your mind on negative thoughts of
phones, television, loud noises etc. Time
someone else too.”
being behind or failing each subject or just
management is really important too, you
having a bad grade in one subject, just keep
-Kathryn Jones, 11 grade
don't want to spend several hours in one
focusing and always keep a thought that
course if unnecessary, because then
you'll be up all hours of the night
working which will definitely
affect you in the morning (this has
happened to me a few times). It
feels so much better when you
finish your
assignments early
Get rid of any
and you have the
distractions, like
rest of the day to
cell phones,
television, loud
noises etc.
Summer 2013
“This is me riding a horse named
Austin this summer. He's a 16.1 hand
(one hand is four inches), six year old
appendix quarter horse (Quarter
Horse/ Thoroughbred). I am training
him, with the help of my amazing
instructor, to become a hunter/
jumper show horse. We both still
have a long way to go, but with every
ride we take, we are getting better! I
am so blessed to have a horse as
great as Austin to ride.”
Photos of
Kalila Jones’
trip to
-Julie Mitchell, 9th grade
“Over the summer I rode the subway to
Manhattan in New York with my family because
we usually drive there. We ate at Hard Rock Cafe,
and went to Madame Tussauds. I had a lot of fun
there, so that was something interesting and fun I
did over the summer.”
-Kalila Jones, 11th grade
“I went on a summer long mission trip this past summer to
Scotland, but was deported after not having the right visa to do
the work. So my team and I were re-commissioned to Indiana
where we went to different county fairs, and did surveys for our
ministry, and shared Christ with them that way.”
”I went to Panama City and
watched the sunset from our
-Carrie Thompson, 9 grade
-Christopher Slaughter, 11 grade
The Governor’s Honors
by Abigail Biles
The unofficial slogan of GHP for more years
than anyone is willing to admit, is “a life
changing experience.” Though it sounds
overworked and hyperbolic, it is God’s
honest truth. Never before have done
anything that changed me in more ways than
one, nor do I expect to find another place
that will rework me as an individual and
modern thinker.
For those who don’t know, the Governor’s
Honors Program is a four week (previously sixweek) summer program in which Georgia’s
best and brightest in areas ranging from
mathematics to dance are brought together in
Valdosta to share this “life changing
Upcoming juniors and seniors are
nominated through their school to go through
various rounds of interviews (school, county,
and state) which will ultimately lead up to the
summer long program. Students are
"GHP freed me from all
sorts of inhibitions I
didn't even know I had."
nominated in common core subjects such as
math, science, social studies, communicative
arts (aka English), and foreign language as well
as other areas that include fine arts, dance,
music (instrument and vocal), and technology.
Every year, thousands of hopeful students vie
for the 600 spots.
Once chosen through the rigorous fall and
winter interview sessions, students are sent to
Valdosta State University where they will live,
dine, work, and play on campus for four weeks.
Students are given the full span of the college
experience which includes dining halls, laundry
rooms, dorms and common bathrooms,
roommates, homework (especially the comm
arts kids!), with sprinklings of informational
and fun seminars, concerts, plays, and even
exercise programs. Students also participate in
a minor that they chose the second day of the
As you might guess, not one moment of
GHP is boring. Every second is action-packed
and entertaining, all the while being insanely
I was chosen as an upcoming senior to
participate in GHP 2013, which was also
the 50th anniversary of the program. I went
in the area of communicative arts, and
arrived in Valdosta knowing only the six
other students from Union Grove who
were chosen to attend.
I was saddled with a fabulous
roommate (we’ve dubbed ourselves Jo
March and Tour Guide Barbie) who was a
social studies major, though the dorm left
plenty to be desired. I shared a hall and
bathroom with about forty other girls and it
was a very entertaining experience.
Every day except Sunday, students would
go to a four hour long session in their major,
followed by lunch and then a two hour session
in their minor. The afternoon and evening was
left to dinner, seminars, lawn jam sessions, and
hanging out with the amazing people you
shared the “Magic Square” (our campus) with.
As a communicative arts major, every week
I chose two classes to participate in. Everything
from playwriting to feminism to the Godfather
to surrealism was offered and often the
decision for only two of the available twelve
classes was a painful one. The instructors both
taught and mentored us all the while
encouraging us to broaden our minds and
hearts to new and strange concepts. While we
were often given homework (this weekend you
should: write a play, read an entire novel, write
ten poems, write and deliver a speech about
carrots), it was never arduous or uninteresting.
GHP communicative arts changed my
perception of my environment, my world, my
values, and more importantly myself. By the
end of the journey, I was reading my personal
poetry to a packed house of strangers at
coffeehouse night, and making strangers into
dear friends. I found my favorite book in the
world in the feminism class, learned to read
and understand ancient Anglo-Saxon poetry,
and met one of my now life-long mentors in
everything empowering.
As a GHP participant—no, aficionada—I
learned how to be an independent person (as
mom wasn’t around to wash my clothes or
make my meals), how to be a free thinker, how
to interact and engage with new people (as no
one at GHP is a stranger), and appreciate all
kinds of people, ideas, music, literature,
movements, and so much more. Between
bouts of “Speed Friending” with three hundred
people, learning to waltz like a nineteenth
century debutant, impromptu West Lawn
concerts where people would literally come out
of the woodworks with strange instruments
and harmonize with strangers like they had
known each other forever, I was learning how
to be myself, and that is a gift that I will never
be able to repay GHP.
In high school, with people you’ve likely
known most of your life, it’s hard to reinvent
yourself. It’s hard to escape the fads and trends
that dictate how students act and interact. It’s
hard to blossom into yourself when you’ve got
one thousand people trying to all be the same.
It’s hard to find what you love when you’re
forced into hours of pointless homework and
boring core subjects.
In GHP, I was whoever I wanted to be. In
GHP, I never felt pressure to act one way or be
one way because every single person was their
own person, someone new and eccentric and
unique. In GHP, I found that I am a feminist, a
lover of people and life, a poetry novice, a
budding hero of the world if I wanted to be. In
GHP, I found that English is the only subject
that enraptures my entire being and soul and
self and that it’s the only path that I can ever
take in life.
If given the opportunity, I hope you
seize it. Go to GHP, learn to be yourself, learn
to appreciate this crazy world and all the
crazies in it, learn to love what you love
without worrying what someone else will
think. Even if you never get the chance to go
to GHP, don’t think yourself missing out. It
doesn’t take an honors program to strike a
match to set your passion on fire. It only
takes you.
Welcome to Jumpstart
for Impact academy!
by Malkah Lyons
During the summer, Impact Academy hosted
a one-day event for students to learn about
how the program works. I have to admit, I
didn’t feel like going. I was on summer
vacation, hanging out with friends, and they
expect me to come in for school? However, in
the end, I was glad I went.
The day was broken into two main
parts. During the morning hours, we were
split into groups and rotated between three
different sessions. The first place my group
went to was the gym. We met with more
experienced Impact students who gave us tips
on how to stay on track with our work and what
to do if we need help. We also played games to
get to know each other. Next, we traveled to
the computer lab where we learned how to log
into Edgenuity. Edgenuity is the website where
you can find most of your classwork, and your
grades. During the last session, we met with
Ms. Malone to go over our schedules.
Once we finished the morning
sessions, we had a break. I’m proud to say I saw
Issue 1
a few familiar faces from the previous school year. However, I also
saw people I didn’t know but had common interests with and we
became friends.
After the short snack break, we were told there would be a
competition. The teams that finished first, second or third had a
chance to get a prize. We received brief instructions from Ms.
Cwetna about a scavenger hunt which they
called, The Amazing Race. They put us in
groups of four or three and off we went!
During the Amazing Race, we
completed several tasks in order to receive
a clue word. Once we received all of the
clue words, we had to rearrange them to
answer the question, “What’s great about
virtual schools?” During the scavenger
hunt we sent emails, located the link for
online tutoring with Mr. Matthews, sent a
text message to Ms. Allen listing all the
parts of an email, reenacted a historical
pose and texted it to Mr. Fenn, and even
had to call Ms. Massie or Ms. Theodocion
and sing our favorite song. All of this was
fun, and very tiring!
When it was all over, we met back
into the gym and they gave out the awards.
Sadly, my team didn’t get a prize but we did
learn how Impact Academy works and how
kind our teachers are. I went home that day
with more knowledge than I came in with,
and new friends.
The Voice Behind Siri
by Anthony Johnson
Apple launched the iPhone 4S on Oct. 4, 2011. Within
this phone was an automated personal assistant
commonly known as Siri.
Susan Bennett recently came out as the voice of
Siri. For the iPhone & iPad, Bennett was the voice of
Siri for her first 2 years of existence. However, since
Apple recently launched a system upgrade, iOS 7, new
voices were recorded for Siri.
Bennett is from Atlanta and has lived in this area for
a while as she has done work in numerous recordings.
She has recorded for Coca-Cola, Delta Airlines, and
Adult Swim.
Susan Bennett recorded the words of Siri in a studio in Atlanta
back in 2005. Bennett was not updated or was given any
information of what would be done with the sound clips. However,
when the iPhone 4S was announced in September 2011, she found
out what her words were being used for.
All Things Tech
"It has been an absolute whirlwind.
It's been overwhelming and
unexpected.” she said, backstage at the
Latifah show.
"It will continue to get smoother
and sound less robotic," she says. "Who
knows? Maybe one day you'll be able to
put your own voice into the phone and
tell yourself where to go." Bennett
assumes voice-assisted technology will
enhance and become better in coming
Siri was Apple’s major addition to the iPhone. From the
announcement in September, to the release in October of 2011, Siri
was highly anticipated in social media, and was a common,
household name. Whether it’s getting from place to place, looking
up information, or just wanting to get a laugh, Siri can accompany
that and much more.
by Troy Hicks
With the holidays just around the corner, technology companies
are working hard to get shoppers to buy their products. Apple,
Windows, and Samsung are rolling out new products while retailers
are rolling out new deals to get the shopper’s business.
These new deals can be found in commercials, online
advertisements, newspaper advertisements, and radio
advertisements. All you have to do is turn on the
TV, computer, or radio to find these deals.
Apple recently came out with the new
iPhone 5c and 5s along with a new operating
system, iOS7, that millions downloaded for free.
There is a shortage of iPhones in stores but if you
want to order one, you can get on a waiting list
and surely have your iPhone just in time to wrap
it up as a gift for a loved one. Both iPhones
come in different colors and different gigabytes.
The color option is something new for Apple.
Buyers are urged to take advantage of the
opportunity for customization of their most
popular gadget. There is also the new iPad mini
coming out soon. Rumor has it that the iPad mini will come in
different colors, like its sister products the iPhone and iPod.
Microsoft Windows has a new Nokia Lumina phone on sale
now along with a new Windows tablet. The new operating system
is available also, with a bunch of new features such as custom
ringtones, the ability to close apps quickly, and a new processor.
The operating system for the phone and tablet is the same
Windows 8 operating system for your laptop or desktop.
Samsung released the new Galaxy S4
phone this past summer and is still very popular
in terms of sales. The Galaxy S3 tablet comes in
three different screen sizes with the option to
add gigabyte space. Then there’s the Galaxy
Note 3. These products run on the Android
operating system. These items make great gifts
for students, not-so-tech-savvy parents, and
really anyone looking for the convenience of
having a computer small enough to fit in their
purse or back pocket. They are lightweight and
don’t have to be booted up the way a laptop
does. There are millions of apps that will allow
the user to study, complete work, or just
entertain themselves when bored. Though
these items are different, they all have the same goal- to make life
more convenient for the user.
You Ought to Know Artist
by Abigail Biles
raw and honest, each more tantalizing than
the last. Odell’s distinctive voice, bordering
on sharp, gives a certain vitality and rawness
to each song, whether it be a lovesick ballad
or empowering foot-stomper.
foreign films sound dreadfully romantic
cements his abilities to write love songs
outside the norm that will leave the listener
feeling desperate for Odell’s reunion with his
unnamed lover whom he croons about not
realizing he loved until she was gone.
Most notable of the tracks, “Another
Love”, the most popular track on the album,
weaves delicate piano riffs with aching vocals
as Odell croons about being too empty from
his last relationship to start another. The
ballad mixes with perfection aggressively
honest statements with poetic verses as he
attempts to ask for forgiveness from his
With the release of his first studio album,
Long Way Down, in September of this year,
Tom Odell has thrust himself into the world
of the alternative singer/songwriter genre
with surprising ability. The 23 year old Brit
previously released Songs from Another Love,
a collection of a few songs, and won a Brit’s
Critic’s Choice award last year.
Long Way Down perfectly blends rock,
ballads, and alternative influences. With each
crooning melody, Odell weaves intricate
stories of love and loss. Odell leaves listeners
with swollen eyes and hearts as his vocals are
Also on the album are more gentle tunes
such as “Heal,” “Sense,” “Supposed to Be,”
“Long Way Down,” and “I Think It’s Going to
Rain Today” are great numbers to lull
listeners to a gentle sleep. These songs
contain that sleepy, drizzly feeling that only
British writers and singers can seem to create
that will leave one dreaming of misty London
streets and foggy English fields.
More upbeat than “AL”, “Storms”
combines foot stomping beats with near folky
verses. The tune will make listeners want to
clap or stomp along to the steady rhythm or
run out to seek a raincloud to dance in to
wash themselves clean of sorrows.
Another notable track, “Till I Lost,”
expresses Odell’s unique writing abilities. In
the rollercoaster tune, Odell weaves a
Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
vision of a
You Might Also Enjoy: Daughter,
Birdy, Bon Iver, The Lumineers
the likes of romantic comedy montages.
Odell’s ability to make coffee stains and
Overall, the album is a heartbroken
chronicle by Odell that ultimately succeeds.
Though some songs can fade into one
another in tempo and sound, they are spaced
well enough to break up ballads with “scream
in the streets” British folk tunes.
Paired with the excellent music videos
which you can find on Odell’s Vevo channel,
the stories in the songs are perfectly
displayed as emotional poems set to music.
Listeners hope that Odell will soon be at
work on a second album, perhaps one of
victories in love instead of beautifully tragic
Getting to Know… Dr. Theodocion
Name: Kelley Theodocion
Hometown: Morrow, GA
Alma Mater(s):
University of Georgia (ABJ)
Walden University (Ed.D.)
Favorite book:
To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee
Favorite movie:
Who was your role model when you were growing up and why? My
parents – my father was the head football coach at Morrow High
School, and my mother was a National Sales Director with Mary Kay
Cosmetics. Their work was visible to me. After school, I would attend
my father’s practices, and every day I watched my mother interact with
her customers and team members. I was able to see their work ethic
and perseverance first hand.
Random fact about yourself: I have always been an avid sports fan,
and before I started teaching, I worked as a sportswriter for the Athens
(GA) Daily News. However, I never played on a sports team as a youth. I
didn’t have the courage to try out!
The most exciting
thing you did this
summer: I created
a YouTube channel
for our Impact
Academy middle
school students.
The channel
features short clips that
will assist our 8 grade students with their
Georgia Studies social studies course. My favorite clip so far is a
look at the Okefenokee Swamp. Subscribe to the “Kelley Theodocion”
Follow Me: I use social media to enhance student learning, connect
with Impact Academy families, and showcase the amazing things our
program has to offer.
On Twitter: @Impact_Theo
On Instagram: ktheodocion
Issue 1
Anime and Conventions
by Madison Davis
Are you an avid lover of cartoons, but are ready for something
with more dramatic storylines and action? Do you want to see
the vast variety of genres found in live actions shows and
movies while viewing the impressive skills of an artist? Then
Anime might be the way to go for you!
When people think of Anime, they think of just flat
out chaotic weird characters and plots, however they neglect
to notice the beautiful artwork and lessons put into every
show, movie, or comic. It is so much more than what people
think, in fact, there is very little different between regular
shows seen here in America and Anime; both have diverse
genres such as romance, action, adventure, and drama, they
also have children, teen, and adult shows as well. The only
major differences you’ll see are cultural, as Anime embodies
the pop culture of Japan.
If you want a good feel of what Anime really is, you can start
your journey with Studio Ghibli. Studio Ghibli can be described as the
“Japanese Disney”, the ones who showed us the world of Ponyo (2008)
which was a children’s movie directed by Hayao Miyazaki. Their most
popular movie and by far the most fascinating one to critics is Spirited
Away (2001). This incredible film will take you on a magnificent tour of
Japanese Culture, adventure, and the detail put behind Anime.
But the greatest thing about Anime in my opinion is not the
anime itself; it’s the community of fans that follow it. Many people will
argue that the Anime community is one of the friendliest ones you
could ever be a part of. You don’t even have to like Anime to be a part
of it! The best way to get involved with these wonderful people is
through Anime Conventions. There’s an anime convention going
somewhere every weekend in the United States, so it’s easy to find
one. These conventions are filled with endless amounts of activates
from vintage arcade games to comedy shows. The best part is meeting
hundreds or even thousands of people, all who share your passion for
comics, cartoons, Manga, Anime, movies, video games, and more.
Don’t know where to even begin looking for a Convention?
Well here in Atlanta there are several conventions that take place, they
include Momo Con, Anime Day Atlanta Spring, Seishun Con, Anime
Weekend Atlanta, and Anime Day Atlanta Fall. I personally have been
to all of these conventions, and each one is a blast! They’re beautifully
put together by staff and organizers to provide fans with a great
weekend (or day) of endless fun!
My personal favorite convention is Anime Weekend Atlanta,
the largest convention in Georgia that occurs every fall. As a con goer
for three years, I can guarantee you this convention will be one of the
greatest Anime conventions you will ever go to. Anime Weekend
Atlanta (or AWA for short) holds some of the best panels run in the
South, from hilarious “Ask a Character” panels, to the enormous
Costume Contest, there’s something to for everyone. But if you’re not a
fan of big events, you can simply just arrive at the party to meet new
people. I go to anime conventions to show off my costuming (the
technical term is “cosplaying”) and find new people who share my love
for my favorite fandoms; trust me, people there are the nicest people
you will ever meet.
So, never feel you’re “too old for cartoons”, ‘cause Anime’s
got you covered! Go out and enjoy the incredible worlds in which these
extremely talented artists create for our enjoyment, and go experience
the wonderful community of Anime!
A Cosplayer shows off an elaborate costume at AWA 2010. Photo
courtsey of AWA.com
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suggest a topic, or even submit your own article,
please email [email protected]
Experiencing Spelman
Issue 1
by Daisha Evans-Graham
On October 1, I had the opportunity to tour Spelman College with other
Impact Academy students. We had a great time and got a lot of photos
and information about the history, start, and special activities of
Spelman. A lot of things caught my eye about this school. It was a
wonderful, new experience. I’ve been on a college tour before, but this
was one of my favorites.
The first thing I liked
was visiting Rockefeller
Hall. This hall caught
my eye because I
learned about the
historical significance of
John D. Rockefeller in
my social studies class
the last year.
College a four- year
liberal arts women’s college located in Atlanta, Georgia. The college is
a part of the Atlanta University Center (AUC) which is an academic
consortium in Atlanta. This college was founded on August 11, 1881
and received its collegiate charter in 1924. It is one of the most historic
black colleges for women. The daughters of Bill Cosby, Henry Louis
Gates, Gerald Levert, Martin Luther King, Jr., Morgan Freeman, and
Sidney Poitier attended Spelman College. The college was named
after Laura Spelman, John D. Rockefeller’s wife. She and her parents
were longtime activists in the anti- slavery movement.
One of the things I found very interesting is that Spelman has
an endowment of over $200 million. For those who don’t know what
an endowment is,
an endowment is
what the college
pulls from when
they give out
scholarships or
money to
students. The school colors are blue
and white and their mascot is the jaguar.
The campus currently has over twenty buildings. The building
considered most important is Sister’s Chapel. Sister’s Chapel was
made for Laura Spelman Rockefeller and her sister. They studied,
learned, and played in this building. Both of them, and John D.
Rockefeller himself, were big on family. They believed that you should
value your family because they’re the only people who will always have
your best interest in mind. Family definitely came first in their minds.
While the female students toured Spelman College, the
males visited Morehouse College. According to their website, they
have students from 40 states and 27 foreign countries. Students who
attend Morehouse, the traditionally male school, can take classes at
Spelman. Spellman ladies can also attend classes at Morehouse. In a
way, it’s like one big campus. After touring the campuses, we enjoyed
lunch at The Varsity.
The teachers are planning trips for next semester to two
schools in Milledgeville, Georgia College and State University and
Georgia Military College.
Thought of the Month
As many of you may know, Breast
Cancer Awareness is recognized in October.
The mission of the National Breast Cancer
Foundation is to save lives through early
detection and increase awareness through
education. According to their website, 1 in 8
women will be diagnosed with breast cancer
in their lifetime. It is a little-known fact that
men, too, can be diagnosed. It’s very
important that you get regular checkups and
do self-exams. If breast cancer runs in your
family, your chances of getting it naturally
increase. Don’t think that you’re too young.
To calculate your general risk, go to
klotus. For
more information about cancer, visit:
www.cancer.gov. Below are the stories of
three inspiring women.
Don’t think that
you’re too young.
Shirley, 58, is a survivor.
“Seven years ago, on Valentine’s
Day, I had a biopsy. I got my results back two
days later—I had hormone-related cancer in
one breast that was about three centimeters
in diameter. I wasn’t really scared! I just
thought: this a problem, so what can we do to
fix it? Because they also had to remove some
of my lymph nodes, on March 13 they
extracted a piece as big as a walnut.
Although the surgery was successful, the
doctors found pre-cancer cells which also
required removal. That’s when they wanted
me to have a double-mastectomy. Up until
that point, I hadn’t really been bummed out.
The cancer was like a
bug that I just
wanted off of me! I
think everyone
should know that
you help make the
decisions! When the
doctor says that you
have cancer, you should find out what type
and research your options. You choose
what’s best for you and tell them that is what
you want to do. Lying in bed for three
months to heal from a double mastectomy
was not what was best for me, so I told them
I just wanted the pre-cancer cells removed!
As a result, for the following six
years, I alternated between a mammogram
and a MRI every six months. I also did 36
weeks of radiation. They prescribed Arimidex
which is a low dosage of chemo; a side effect
by Paris Hoskins
of this medicine is the cause of my earlystage dementia now, so there was a tradeoff. I continued doing what I always did.
Staying busy prevented me from thinking
about any of it.
I knew I was fortunate compared to
countless others. Yes, even after seven years
there’s still a chance that it can come back. If
and when it does, then I’ll face it. I just worry
about my three daughters being at risk.
There’s no sense in living life if you don’t
enjoy it, so I don’t lose sleep over these
things. Besides, stress is the worst thing for
you, because it’s highly connected to
Anonymous is still a fighter. Her great-niece
shared her story.
“She was first diagnosed about a
year ago and didn't really have time to think
about telling the family before her husband
posted it on Facebook; that's how we found
out. As far as mammograms, I believe that's
how the cancer was found. She had a double
mastectomy, and afterwards decided to go
ahead with cosmetic surgery for implants.
Everything that could possibly go wrong with
them went wrong—there was an infection at
one point, and then one busted. She just had
no luck, but we support every decision she
makes as long as she's getting better.
It influences me, because every
time it pops up in the family, it means mine
and my mom's chance of getting Breast
Cancer increases… It's scary. When I was first
exposed to it, I guess I was about 8 or 9, so I
didn't know how to react. I'm trying to do
everything I can to prevent it from happening
to me. I get a check up once a
year and am careful about
what I eat (it's not so easy in
In the next decade,
I'd like to see women being
more aware of what's
happening in their bodies
instead of denying that it could ever happen
to them. From what I've seen, many deny
anything could go wrong and procrastinate
getting it checked out.”
…everyone should
know that you help
make the decisions.
Rachael, Feb 11th, 1974 – May 2nd, 2013, is an
“Momma fought cancer for
basically four years. At first, she found a knot
in one breast. She reported it to her doctor
who confirmed it was cancer. Finding it early
definitely helped
her beat it, but later
it came back,” her
fifteen year-old
daughter states.
“Her doctor
didn’t send her to get
mammograms or MRIs
every six
months. We didn’t even know that she was
supposed to have them until it was too late!
We thought the cancer would just… be gone.
This time, the cancer spread to her lungs,
brain, spine, pelvis and hip. Doctors
estimated that she wouldn’t have long to
live… But Momma sure showed them!
She was doing chemotherapy
which really made her tired. My sister went
every single time. It was important to us to
help take care of and support her throughout
the fight—that’s what I think kept her faith.
Nothing really changed around our house;
she was the same person as before. Momma
kept a positive attitude. I’m so proud of her
for not giving up!
Processed foods have a connection
to cancer, so I eat them moderately and only
drink water to help reduce my risks. In the
next decade, I would like for them to find a
sure cure so that no one else’s loved ones
have to suffer.”
Rachael’s mother, Betty, shared
her inspiration, “She was what kept me
going! Rachael had that fight in her and even
cracked jokes about the cancer sometimes.
Now what keeps me going is fighting for the
kids—making sure that they grow up right,
with an education and become something.
Because of her type of insurance, I don’t
think she was treated like she should have
been by doctors and Hospice. If I had it to do
over, it would be absolutely different. I lie in
bed for hours at night just wishing she was
here and that I could have done more.
I have not been tested for cancer. If
I was to get it –I hope I don’t—but if I do, I
doubt that I’ll seek medical treatment. If
anything, I think cutting into the cancer
makes it spread quicker. First I would rather
try more natural cures such as eating
healthier; things will fight it better than the
treatment is what I personally believe. In the
next decade or sooner, I’d like to see them
being more up front about cancer; it can kill
you and the treatment doesn’t always work
no matter how hard someone fights…
because if that mattered, my daughter would
still be here. She fought like no other.”
To learn more about breast cancer, and ways you can support research
programs please visit www.nationalbreastcancer.org .
Issue 1
What do all These Numbers Really Mean?
Interpreting your Grade in Edgenuity
Overall Grade vs. Actual Grade
Jamie made all 100’s on the first day of school but
never completed any other assignments.
Her Overall Grade is 100; however her Actual Grade is
very low because of all the missing assignments.
Complete vs. Target Completion
Think of your course like a 100-page book. The % Complete represents the pages you’ve read.
Target Completion represents the number of pages you should have read up to this point.
Start Date vs. Target Date
If you started on the first day of school, your start date is 8/5/2013.
The Target Date is 12/21/2013 UNLESS there are multiple parts to that course.
Progress Reports and
Report Cards
Your IA teachers report grades to
your home school. The home
school prints out the progress
report & report card and either
mails it to your house or keeps it in
the front office for you to pick up.
Call your home school for more
Mark your Calendar
For more information visit
11-15 Kindness Week
25-29 Thanksgiving Break
Field trip to CDC, upperclassmen
Math 1B, Math 2B,
Accelerated Math 2 EOCTs
March 8, 2014
US History EOCT
May 5, 2014
Economics EOCT
Biology & Physical Science EOCTs
English 1 & English 3 EOCTs
For more information visit
Last day to complete finals and
coursework in Edgenuity
First day of the semester break
December 7, 2013
January 25, 2014
June 7, 2014
December 14, 2013
IA students take
their EOCT’s
with Ms. Allen.
HCOA students
will test at their
zoned school
and should
contact their
facilitators if
they have
February 8, 2014
April 12, 2014
June 14, 2014
Second Semester Begins
Grade 8 Writing Assessment
HS Field trip to the Federal Reserve Bank
Study Café
Core Teachers (Math, Science, English, and Social Studies) are available during the following support café times. Please note that this schedule is
subject to change and is flexible to meet the needs of our students.
Middle School: Face-to-Face Tutoring
Science & Math (Mrs. Massie)- rm.838
8:30-11:30 & 1:00-4:00
8:30-11:30 & 1:00-4:00
Social Studies & English (Dr. Theodocion) rm. 819
8:30-11:30 & 1:00-4:00
8:30-11:30 & 1:00-4:00
High School: Face-to-Face Tutoring
Math (Mrs. Cwetna)- rm.838
8:00 – 12:30
12:30 – 4:00
English (Ms. Allen)- rm. 819
12:30 – 4:00
Science (Mr. Matthews)- rm. 836
12:30 – 4:00
8:00 – 12:30
Social Studies (Mr. Fenn)- rm. 819
12:30 – 4:00
8:00 – 12:30
High School: Online Tutoring
Math (Mrs. Cwetna):
English (Ms. Allen):
12:30pm- 2:30pm
Science (Mr. Matthews):
Social Studies (Mr. Fenn):
Note: Students can NOT be dropped off before early to wait on a
session to begin and students MUST
be picked up promptly at the end of the scheduled sessions.
Snacks: Students can bring a snack from home.
Arrival: Students who attend Support Café should report to the Impact
Academy office to sign in. Then report to their teacher’s room. Impact
Academy students are not permitted in other areas of the Henry
County High/Academy of Advanced Studies campus without
permission or under supervision.
classroom and at the office). Students are not allowed to leave the
campus with anyone other than a parent or authorized adult. Parents
may text or call students that they are waiting outside. Students will
exit out of the side Impact Academy entrance.
Dismissal: Students must sign out at the end of their session (in the
Parent Tip of the Month –
Digital Distractions
Read this article about How to Minimize Digital Distractions During the Virtual School Day by Dan Reiner.
Click on the title to go to the article. It is also accessible from the IA website under Information for Parents.
Then, sit with your student to create your own Digital Routine.
Designate specific times (and duration) for technology
Specify what happens to the technology outside of those time frames
o Does the phone get turned in at night?
o Do the video game controls get locked away when it’s not “Tech Time”?
Tech Time can be used as an incentive to complete assignments.
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[email protected]
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[email protected]
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