Series of Seminars 2015- guided by Christina Garbe.

Series of Seminars 2015- guided by Christina Garbe.
3. 10-days Retreat June 2015 - Thursday 11 till Sunday 21 June 2015
This course is only for participants how have joined already a retreat with Christina or who have attended the introduction course
about concentration-meditation in April 2015
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Would like to register for this retreat with Christina Garbe.
“I have registered for the retreat named above, and I’ll commit myself to follow the rules given by the
retreat as much as possible. I am aware of the fact that when I (for whatever reason) will not be able or
willing to do certain exercise, I am in no way obliged to do so. I am also aware of the fact that I cannot
hold the teacher, and the organisation committee, responsible for damage or discomfort as a result of
the given exercise(s)”
By participating in a Cetovimutti-Theravada retreat you are agreeing to the ‘General Terms and Conditions’.
Please, do forget to answer the questions on the ‘Form for Yogis attending the retreats - 2015’ and do not
forget to send it to [email protected] or send it to the address – see here below.
Your registration is confirmed upon payment of the registration fee.
All fields * marked are obliged.
Registration will happen in sequence of received payment.
Please mail this form to: [email protected]
Or send it to : Admin Cetovimutti -Theravada, P.O.Box 107, 7250 AC VORDEN, The Netherlands
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Series of Seminars 2015- guided by Christina Garbe.
General terms and conditions for retreats
The following conditions and information apply to all the Cetovimutti-Theravada retreats (ie
retreats organized by
1. Register preferably at least 4 weeks before the retreat.
2. The retreat will proceed if there is a minimum of 10 participants 4 weeks have opted in.
3. Registration is confirmed when the registration form is received and the registration fee for
the retreat has been transferred to RABO bankaccount: IBAN: NL 24 RABO 0359981755; BIC:
RABONL 2U) under the name of “I.J. van den Boom-Ferguson, Vierakker” stating
‘’ indicating name and date of retreat and further the complete
address of the participant. If the participant’s name is other than the name in the money
transfer, make a note of this on the registration form.
4. For longer (more expensive) retreats it is possible to first make an advanced payment as
stated in the relevant letter of invitation.
5. For cancellations 4 weeks or more before the starting date, the full registration fee will be
returned minus €25.00. For cancellations between 4 and 2 weeks prior to the starting
date, 50% of the total registration amount will be refunded. If cancelled within 2 weeks
before the start of the retreat the full registration amount will be charged.
6. At least one week before the start you will receive further details and information regarding
the retreat.
7. If you are in treatment by a psychiatrist, psychotherapist or medical specialist it is advisable
to first contact him/her before registering for the retreat.
8. The transmission of the Dhamma (teachings of the Buddha) by the teacher is considered a
form of dana (generosity). The teacher will receive only his / her travel and sustenance
expenses. The Dana (donation) for guidance must be given personally to the teacher during
the retreat.
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