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Dear Student;
You have an opportunity to become a member of Mu Alpha Theta,
the National Mathematics Honor Society. To be a part of Trumbull
High School’s chapter of Mu Alpha Theta you must meet the
following conditions:
1. Be a Junior or Senior for the 2014-15 academic year
2. Be in PreCalculus or above
3. Have a 3.67 unweighted gpa in math
4. Have a 3.67 unweighted gpa overall
5. Once a member, you will need to volunteer a minimum of 10
hours each year to tutor other students in math through Peer
Tutors, Hillcrest Math Club or through Mrs. Basbagill.
6. Commit to at least one after school meeting per month
7. Demonstrate ability to work with others
8. Pay annual dues
If you meet all of the requirements, please fill out the application
on the back of this sheet and return it to Mrs. Basbagill’s
A- House Office Mailbox or Mrs. Payne in A33 by October
15th, 2014.
Last Name ______________ First ____________ Middle Initial ____
Homeroom _____
Email address ____________________________
High School Math Courses Completed
Letter Grade
To be filled out by Mrs. Payne or Mrs. Basbagill:
Current Math Course ___________________
Overall GPA ______
Math GPA _______
Please attach a brief, typed statement about your ability to work with
others and why you want to be a member of Mu Alpha Theta.