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We hope you had a very enjoyable summer holiday!
Our term is already looking full of exciting activities to enhance
your child’s learning and we hope you can join us sometimes to
share these with your child.
If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to call in to ask at
the office or speak to your class teacher.
The Year 4 Team
Your child will be working under the
guidance of the teachers; Mr Hodder/
Mrs Robson (Trainee Teacher) (4MH),
Mr Biddle/ Mrs Stanners (4JB), and our
invaluable teaching assistants;
Mrs Holmes, Mrs Withers and Mr Arden.
How can you help your child?
Talk to them about their day.
Enjoy reading with them and to them.
Discuss and help them with their homework.
Come into school and talk to your child’s
If you could help as a reading volunteer - either on a regular
basis in a morning or afternoon or an occasional session for a
particular subject area - please let us know!
Other Curriculum Areas:
Curriculum overview
RE – we’re learning about
Judaism this term.
History –
How we learn about the
past, key historical dates
and facts
Maths –
Data handling,
measuring, word
problems, money,
time and more!
Geography –
Places of the world,
Why do we
know so little
about the
English –
information texts,
historical texts,
diaries, stories
Art/DT –
skills, clay
PSHE – learning about our
learner values: resilience,
confidence, creativity,
motivation, independence,
positivity, aspiration and
being adventurous
PE/Games – learning about
the effect of exercise on
our body, how to improve
our fitness and the ball
skills required to play a
range of games.
Music – understanding
rhythm and pulse, leading to
whole class clarinet lessons
Spanish – how to greet
people, say numbers and ask
people how they are.
Our weekly PE sessions are on:
Tuesday – Indoor PE
Friday – Outdoor PE
Your child will need named PE kit on these days, including warm trousers and
jumper/tracksuit as well as trainers for their outdoor session.
Please ensure that your child has their full PE kit on both days because we will sometimes
swap round when we do outdoor and indoor PE depending on the weather.
Reading Journals
We hope you will continue to support your child with their
reading every day by listening to them read or reading to
them. Our reading journals have plenty of space for writing
because we would love the children to take more time to
respond to their reading. This will really help their
understanding, so please encourage them to write down
their thoughts and reactions to their reading.
Please remember to make use of the local West Earlham library,
which is open:
Ø Tuesday and Thursday: 9am - 1pm, 2 - 6pm
Ø Saturday: 9am – 1pm
This year, we’re continuing to use a merit system called ‘SMILEYS’.
Children can earn smileys for lots of different things including showing a
great attitude, for showing respect to others and for reading at home.
Their challenge is to earn their bronze prize by Christmas, silver by Easter
and gold by the end of the year.
Times tables
The new National Curriculum says that children should know
all of their times tables up to 12x by the end of Year 4.
With this in mind, we’re going to be having a big focus on
times tables this year so please help your child to practise
them at home.
Little, and often, is usually the best way to learn them so even 5 minutes a day
will make a big difference.
Important dates
(more details to follow)
Tuesday 7th October
Wednesday 15th October
Tues 14th / Thu 16th October
Thursday 23rd October
Mon 27th – Fri 31st October
Friday 19th December
Friday 19th December
School photos
School closed – Staff training day
Parent/Teacher consultations
Halloween Disco
Half Term
Whole-school pantomime trip
Last day of term
There have been lots of new clubs starting this term and
it’s great to see so many of the children getting involved.
It’s really important that we know which children to expect at the clubs each
week, so please let the office know if your child can’t attend the club for any
reason, or if they no longer wish to be involved.
We believe that daily reading at home is the most
important activity that you can do with your child.
On top of this, we will also give out regular Maths and
English homework, usually on a Monday, to be returned
by Friday.
Your child should spend no more than about 15-20 minutes on each piece of
homework, which may include x tables practice or extra reading.
Please feel free to send in any voluntary work or individual successes your child
achieves to share with the class. We love celebrating these with them!