Registration Request Form Music Lesson Request Form

Name (Last/First): _____________________________ ID #:______________
Name (Last/First): _____________________________ ID #:______________
Registration Request Form
Making course requests
Review important information to determine requests: graduation
requirements, available electives and course descriptions are on the BJA
website under Academics; student transcripts are on NetClassroom.
Fill out course requests and two alternative electives below.
Complete page of music lessons and university classes requests (if
Registration dates
Grade 8: Friday, April 24
Grade 10: Wednesday, April 22
Grade 9: Thursday, April 23
Grade 11: Tuesday, April 21
Music Lesson Request Form
Music Lesson to Add_________________ Music Lesson to Add___________________
1. for
more information.
Students can take lessons in the following: voice, violin, viola, cello, double
bass, flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, saxophone, trumpet, French horn,
trombone, baritone, tuba, percussion and harp.
The cost for private lessons is $340 per semester.
Piano Program through Piano Central Studios
Course requests (required classes and electives) for first semester:
Music lesson times will be decided by the individual teacher and are
generally offered after school. Students registered for lessons (except
harp) are also required to register for a music performance group. See
Are you planning to enroll for piano lessons with PCS? ____ Yes ____ No
Enrollment may be submitted online at:
University Class Request Form
Elective alternates (in case above elective/s is/are filled):
Changing course requests
Change requests can be made at no charge through May 14. From May 15
through June 28, course change requests incur a $5 fee. From June 29 through
July 19, change requests incur a $15 fee. From July 20 through July 31, there
will be a $25 fee. Changes made to a student’s schedule beginning August 1 will
be made for administrative purposes only. Actual student schedules are created
late in the summer.
Parent Signature: _________________________________________________
Juniors are required to have a 3.5 GPA on the unweighted scale. Seniors
must have a 3.0 GPA on the unweighted scale.
Depending on the course requested, a student may be required to take a
placement test or have a certain ACT score.
The guidance office will register the student for the university class.
Students will be notified of their schedules in late summer.
Please write the name of the course and the catalog number on the line
provided (e.g., History of Civilization/Hi 101).
See previous page for change request guidelines.
University class to add _____________________________________________
Circle one: Dual Credit or College Credit Only
Other notes (e.g., time you want to take the course): _________________________
University class to add _____________________________________________
Circle one: Dual Credit or College Credit Only
Other notes (e.g., time you want to take the course): _________________________
To be completed by the guidance office
Unweighted GPA ____________
ACT score __________
Passed placement test (if necessary) ________
Approved: Y