Personalized License Plate Application (not for motorcycles) MVC

Form 749
Revised 4-2012
Personalized License Plate Application
(not for motorcycles)
Submit all original or replacement applications to the
Oklahoma Tax Commission at the address shown on the
reverse side of this form. Plates are issued for a period
of one (1) year. Renewal decals may be obtained at your
local tag office or through the Oklahoma Tax Commission.
Please Check One:
Original or Replacement Fee: $23.00
New License Plate and Decal
Fee: $21.50
Decal Only ($20.00 fee plus $1.50 mail fee. Allow
6 weeks.) Applicants for renewal must
indicate current special plate number in
the space indicated below:
City, State, Zip Code
Daytime Phone Number
($20.00 fee plus $3.00 mail fee. Allow 4 months.)
Remittance made payable to the Oklahoma Tax Commission must accompany the application. Drivers
License number must appear on check or
money order.
Email Address (optional)
Indicate your six (6) choices below. Replacement and renewal applicants must indicate your current special license
plate in the 1st choice below and do not fill in any other choices. Please print the letters and numbers legibly
and distinctly. (Example: 1 or L or I). Other than a dash, no punctuation or symbols are available.
Any special plate request deemed to be offensive to the general public will not be issued.
Personalized license plates will be manufactured in black upper-case block style letters
with your choice of background color. If no color is indicated, a white background will be ordered.
01 White
03 Sand (Light Brown)
05 Chamois (Light Yellow)
02 Silver Gray
04 Sea Green (Light Green)
06 Sky Blue (Light Blue)
The boxes below are required to be completed. This information can be found on your current vehicle registration.
I certify that the plate will be displayed on the following vehicle:
Oklahoma Title Number
(Not VIN Number)
Year and Make
Regular License
Plate Number
Decal # on Regular License Plate
(Example: 0F00000)
Regular Decal
Executed under penalties of perjury
Read Reverse Side Carefully
Please Read All Instructions Before Completing Application
1. Your choices may be:
1) a combination of 4 letters minimum and up to 3 numbers maximum (i.e. ABCD123 or 13-ABCE), or
2) may be any combination of intermingled letters and numbers (i.e. AB12C or 1A7), or
3) may be between 1 and 7 letters, or
4) 7 numbers
The only punctuation available is a hyphen or space. No other punctuation or symbols can be used. Plates
considered to be offensive to the general public will not be issued. The Sacred Rain Arrow design is not
available for personalized license plates. A Special License plate request that conflicts with the Oklahoma
regular license plate numbering system or one which has been assigned to someone else will not be approved. Keep a record of your choices. No notification of the choice will be provided.
2. Your regular license plate must be currently registered at all times. Failure to renew the regular license
plate registration in a timely manner will result in a penalty.
3. Once a special license plate has been assigned to an applicant, the applicant shall have priority to such
plate for succeeding years, provided a timely application for renewal is submitted. To insure that you receive a renewal application each year, please notify the Oklahoma Tax Commission of any change in your
4. A special license plate is to be displayed on the rear of the vehicle for which it is issued. The regular license
plate should be kept inside the vehicle and produced upon request by law enforcement.
5. A special license plate may be transferred to another vehicle upon the owner’s submission of a completed
Request to Transfer Form (OTC Form 783-A) to the Motor Vehicle Division, Special License Plate Section.
This form may be obtained from your local tag agency, through the Oklahoma Tax Commission website at, or from the Oklahoma Tax Commission.
Oklahoma Tax Commission
Motor Vehicle Division
Special Plate Section
2501 North Lincoln Boulevard
Oklahoma City, OK 73194-0201
Telephone: (In State toll free) 1-800-522-8165, extension 1-2468;
(Direct) (405) 521-2468