Cell Trafficking

Cell Trafficking
Principal investigators
Sirpa Jalkanen, MD, PhD, Professor of Immunology
Marko Salmi, MD, PhD, Professor of Molecular Medicine
Medicity Research Laboratory, University of Turku,
Tykistökatu 6A, FIN-20520 Turku, Finland
Tel.: +358 2 333 7007 or +358 2 333 7006, Fax: +358 2 333 7000
E-mail: [email protected], [email protected]
Cell trafficking unit is one of the national centers of
excellence. The overall goal of our research is to
elucidate the mechanisms that regulate the traffic
of leukocytes in the body. Harmful leukocyte
migration into the heart in myocardial infarction
(reperfusion injury), into the joint tissue in rheumatoid
arthritis and into the pancreas in diabetes are
examples of diseases where leukocytes cause
extensive destruction. These inflammatory diseases
can be prevented by inhibiting leukocyte trafficking
to those sites. Also metastasising malignant cells
often use the same mechanisms as leukocytes
when extravasating from the blood to different
organs or migrating via the lymphatics into the
distant sites. The results obtained in this research can
be utilized when new types of drugs are developed
to treat harmful inflammations and cancer.
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Current topics
 Enzymatic and adhesive properties of ectoenzymes (VAP-1 and CD73)
 Targeting lymphocyte and endothelial cell
functions during the development of harmful
 Pro- and anti-tumor effects of tumor infiltrating
 Identification of new molecules involved in
lymphocyte traffic within lymphatics
Senior scientists/post docs
Kaisa Auvinen, Imtiaz Iftakhar E-Khuda,
Kati Elima, Heli Elovaara, Marika Karikoski,
Anu Kukkonen-Macchi, Juha Laurila,
Mikael Maksimow, Fumiko Marttila-Ichihara,
Pia Rantakari, Tibor Veres, Gennady Yegutkin
PhD students
Kristiina Aalto, Johannes Dunkel,
Dominik Eichin, Heidi Gerke, Sam Kaitaniemi,
Johannes Keuschnigg, Senthil Palani
Teija Kanasuo, Sari Mäki,
Mari Parsama, Maritta Pohjansalo,
Riikka Sjöroos, Etta-Liisa Väänänen
Associated professors: M Miyasaka and R Holmdahl
Recent publications (2011-)
Liaskou E, Karikoski M, Reynolds GM, Lalor PF, Weston CJ,
Pullen N, Salmi M, Jalkanen S, Adams DH. Regulation of
mucosal addressin cell adhesion molecule 1 expression in
human and mice by vascular adhesion protein 1 amine
oxidase activity. Hepatology 53(2):661-72, 2011.
Ålgars A, Karikoski M, Yegutkin GG, Stoitzner P, Niemelä J,
Salmi M, Jalkanen S. Different role of CD73 in leukocyte
trafficking via blood and lymph vessels. Blood 117(16):438793, 2011.
Aalto K, Autio A, Kiss EA, Elima K, Nymalm Y, Veres TZ,
Marttila-Ichihara F, Elovaara H, Saanijoki T, Crocker PR,
Maksimow M, Bligt E, Salminen TA, Salmi M, Roivainen A,
Jalkanen S. Siglec-9 is a novel leukocyte ligand for vascular
adhesion protein-1 and can be used in PET imaging of
inflammation and cancer. Blood 118(13):3725-33, 2011.
Aalto K, Maksimow M, Juonala M, Viikari J, Jula A, Kähönen
M, Jalkanen S, Raitakari OT, Salmi M. Soluble vascular
adhesion protein-1 correlates with cardiovascular risk factors
and early atherosclerotic manifestations. Arterioscler Thromb
Vasc Biol 32(2):523-32, 2012.
Keuschnigg J, Tvorogov D, Elima K, Salmi M, Alitalo K,
Salminen T, Jalkanen S. PV-1 is recognized by the PAL-E
antibody and forms complexes with NRP-1. Blood
120(1):232-5, 2012.