Principal’s Chat School focus this fortnight:

Term 4 Week 1, Friday 17 October ‘14
School focus this
We take responsibility for our
“Good Day” in Afrikaans
Principal’s Chat
Dear parents and community members
We had a great week at the end of term 3 - of particular note was the Atatu Tahi trip to the
‘Little Yellow Digger’, the Akonui student expo where they all shared their environmental projects, the
Akonui sausage sizzle fundraiser (initiated by Georgia and Holly) and the performance from our
Ukulele group and Bollywood dance group for the Torbay Community group.
We have been blessed with spring weather to start term 4. I’d like to welcome our new school
families and make a special welcome for Melissa Smith. Melissa is from Indiana University, USA, and is
at Long Bay Primary for 8 weeks as part of a teacher exchange programme. Melissa will be working
alongside Dee and R2 for 4 weeks, then with Quanita and R11 for her final 4 weeks at our school.
Please remember that all students must wear a hat when outdoors during terms one and four to
protect them from the sun, so do check your child has a hat available. Students without a hat do need
to remain in the shade during break times.
Next Monday is the PTA celebrity chef fundraiser (20 October). The chef is Michael Van de Elzen, who
is best known for the TV Food Truck series. I have heard that he is a great speaker so it should be a
fun night (7-9pm, with complimentary refreshments). Tickets are $10. Please support the PTA with
this initiative, gather some friends and come along. You can purchase tickets through the PTA or the
school office.
Mission Statement:
to become
We start our school term with a focus on the upcoming production. It has been wonderful to see the
production come together, with costumes and backdrops being developed during the term break.
Our shows will be: a matinee at 1:30 pm on Tuesday 4 November and evening performances at 7 pm
on Tuesday 4th, Wednesday 5th and Thursday 6th November. Please make sure that your child will be
available to attend. There will be more information coming shortly regarding organization on the
As noted in the email from Monday, ticket sales for the production have started. Tickets are $5 per
seat (babies less than a year old may sit on a parents knee. However, all children 1 year and older
must have a ticket to attend). The Matinee performance is best suited for preschoolers.
This year we have limited the initial ticket sales to 4 per family until the end of next week. This is to
enable all families the opportunity to attend a show if they wish. Please be aware that our school
show does sell out quite quickly, so call in to the office or send your ticket order and money to school
by the end of next week. From 28 October all unsold tickets will open up for sale.
Finally, we do know that there has been difficulty in the supply of school uniforms which has led to our
school-wide uniform appearance looking less tidy than usual. To assist with supply and continuity, we
have decided to move to a new uniform supplier. The Warehouse will sell any remaining stock and our
new supplier will take over at the beginning of 2015 The school colours will remain the same. The
polo shirt looks virtually the same but will be slight changes in the uniform style, particularly for the
shorts, trousers and culottes, and each item will have a school logo. There will be a phase out period
for the old uniform style for existing students. We will provide more details later on in the term. We
hope that this reassures parents who have noted their concerns about uniform availability.
I hope to see many of you along to the PTA Celebrity Chef evening.
Have a great fortnight
Ralph Eagles Place, Torbay, Auckland ■ Tel: 09 473 6077 ■ Fax: 09 473 6673 ■ [email protected] ■
October ‘14
13-24 School Production tickets
on sale (limited to 4 per
20 PTA Celebrity Chef Event
23 Akonui Waterwise
Labour Day Public Holiday
General sale of School
Production tickets
Akoranga trip to the
November ‘14
Production Performance
Matinee- 1.30pm
Evening –7pm
Evening Performance-7pm
Evening Performance-7pm
School Athletics
Akonui Waterwise starts
PTA Christmas Night
Term Dates
Term 4: 13/10—18/12
Term Dates 2015
School Production
The dates for the school production “Happy Town” are Tuesday
4 November-Thursday 6 November. Tickets are $5 and available from the
school office, please note tickets are limited to 4 per family until 24
October, any tickets left after that date will be available for general
Matinee Performance-Tuesday 4 Nov at 1.30pm
Evening Performance– Tuesday 4, Wednesday 5 and Thursday 6 Nov at 7pm
Health Group
Term 3 was a busy term for the Health Group.
We had three separate fundraisers Daffodil Day, CanTeen and Kidscan that were very successful
thanks to the Long Bay community!
The Health teams commitment of selling the Bandannas daily for the whole week saw that a
whopping $1051.60 was raised for CanTeen.
The Kidscan Mufti day raised $330 which went towards the rest of
the countries schools efforts in raising over $70,000 for child
poverty in New Zealand which is
A huge thanks to the community for getting on-board and
supporting both charities.
The Health Group also wanted to make a 'FUSS about the Bus'. We
have three buses going at Long Bay. Okura, Torbay and the Walking
School Bus. The children that catch these buses regularly were
celebrated with a scrummy morning tea and a prize draw that they
had the option to enter.
This was drawn on the last Friday of term 3.
From the Health Team
Term 1: 02/02—01/04
Term 2: 20/04—03/07
Term 3: 20/07—25/09
Term 4: 12/10—16/12
Reward Certificates
The following children will be presented Reward Certificates at the school assembly on Friday 24 October: Kyuss Taylor’Rowe, Rose Farr,
Charne De Villiers, Ianthe Le Roux, Courtney Full, Aiden Kaan, Kaea Taurua, Timothy Stumbles, Poppy Grant, Allison Dunlop, Seth Trigg
Alice Caithness, Isla Pringle, Sam Ediker, Mya Jackson, Aston Rogers, Scarlett Magill, Justin Park, Alana Robertson, Amy Trigger,
Sasha Ellis, Celeste Kamminga, Lottie Finkle, Amelia Davey, Chris Moller, Charlie West, Jessica Wenham, Ellie Borek-Koopen, Ilya Zyuzin
and Jake Edgoose.
Certificates for the ICAS Maths Exam will also be handed out on the 24 October
The following children will be presented Reward Certificates at the school assembly on Friday 31 October: Elsie Constantine, Maria Hata,
Daytona Ford, Nicholas Postow, Lucas Donovan, Ari Dolphin, Megan Van den Hende, Ryan Gambling, Nevaeh Smith,
Cameron Smith, Emily Wright, Lara Johns, Won Koo, Eleanore Ward, Renee Gambling, Alex Giles, Kailah O’Malley, Marcel Bryce,
Nathan Hemi, Danielle Lacey, Jett Kirkbride-Keogh, Lyla Turner, Brianna Fisher, Maddie Grady, Amanda Lancastle, Jesse Archer,
Antonia Bloomfield, Isabelle Wenham, Lola Harford and Katja Streibel.
Ralph Eagles Place, Torbay, Auckland ■ Tel: 09 473 6077 ■ Fax: 09 473 6673 ■ [email protected] ■
Faced with a Hershey kiss as motivation, the students had to use the five senses to write a simile
poem about this piece of chocolate. They had to look, feel, listen to, smell and finally taste the
chocolate to be able to write their poem.
It’s like a raindrop hitting a tree.
It is as smooth as paper.
It looks like a golden peppermint.
It feels as rough as bumpy concrete.
It smells like a FRESH morning.
It’s sweet CREAM like milk.
By Thomas
It sounds as rough as
It sounds like hail stones falling from the sky.
It smells like sap from a Kauri tree
It tastes like smooth caramel.
By Ivy
It looks like a volcano.
It is as smooth as a plait.
It sounds like a crunchy.
It looks like sticky mud.
It tastes like milk.
By Andee GRACE
It sounds as crunchy as molten
It is as smooth as silk.
It smells as fresh as an orange.
It tastes like silky milk.
By Cam.
It looks like a golden volcano
It feels like polished and smooth metal.
It sounds like the crackling of
It smells like the dark smell of the
It looks like a miniature
It tastes like a rose from the best gardener in the world.
It feels as thick as mud.
By Luka
It sounds like the wind
It smells like the fresh
It tastes like the hot
By Emily
Ralph Eagles Place, Torbay, Auckland ■ Tel: 09 473 6077 ■ Fax: 09 473 6673 ■ [email protected] ■
Sports Buzzzzzzzzzzz
E-mail: Mrs Douglas, [email protected]
Week 1 Term 4
Athletics Day
The school athletics day will be held on Tuesday 11th November. This is an all-day affair for Years 3 - 6, The Atatu syndicate run their
athletics on the same day, but for the afternoon only.
We require some parent helpers to assist with the running of the day. If you are able to help please contact Nikki Douglas
[email protected]. Many thanks.
Waterwise begins for the Akonui syndicate on Thursday 13th November and runs every Thursday until 11th December. If you would like to
come down and find out what we do at Waterwise we would love to see you. You can just watch or take part.
Wetsuits for Waterwise
If you have any wetsuits suitable for Year 5 /6 students that you don’t need anymore, please consider donating them to the school. We
use these for those students who forget or don’t have access to wetsuits for the waterwise programme.
Library News
Book Fair
Dear Families, we are having a
Book Fair
Monday 17th November to Friday 21st November.
Before school from 8:30 am
After school from 3:00 pm
and we need your help!
We are looking for volunteers to help with
We are pleased to announce that these children
have gained their Bronze Student Librarian Award.
They can now successfully shelve returned books,
know the library layout and are able to keep the
library in order.
They are Annie Ediker and Alana Hooton
These children will be presented with their
certificates at next week’s assembly.
Helen Fairclough and Dee McGibbon.
Teacher librarians
setting up the book fair on Friday 14th November
and/or working throughout the fair.
Parents/family members usually select a day and time
(either morning or after school) that is convenient. Any help
will be appreciated. Please e mail Helen Fairclough on
[email protected] or Dee McGibbon on
[email protected] . Please do also include a
contact telephone number.
Join us in making our Book Fair a big success
for our school!
Helen Fairclough and Dee McGibbon
Teacher Librarians
A very special welcome to
Nivarna, Eric, Lola-Rose,
Erasmus, Jesse, Anya & Lance
who started at Long Bay Primary
since the last newsletter.
Ralph Eagles Place, Torbay, Auckland ■ Tel: 09 473 6077 ■ Fax: 09 473 6673 ■ [email protected] ■
Ralph Eagles Place, Torbay, Auckland ■ Tel: 09 473 6077 ■ Fax: 09 473 6673 ■ [email protected] ■
Sausage Sizzle Fundraiser-Starship Foundation
Thank you to all the people who helped raise money for Starship,
and everyone who bought a sausage. We raised $416.
A big thank you to Mrs Butler for all the help and organizing she did
for us, and our mums, we could not have done it without them.
During the holidays, Georgia and Holly visited the Starship
Foundation, who were extremely grateful to Georgia, Holly and
Long Bay Primary for the money that had been raised. Whilst at the
foundation, they were shown the tiny nappies, hats and clothing
that are for very premature babies.
The girls were given a certificate for raising the money… Georgia and Holly said “Going to the Starship
Foundation was a great adventure”.
Georgia B and Holly B.
PTA News
PTA Email address: [email protected]
Hi Everyone,
Last chance to get your tickets and join us for an evening with Celebrity Chef Michael Van De Elzen at Long Bay Primary
School Hall on Monday 20 October- 7-9pm, Tickets $10 which includes complimentary refreshments. Michael is a fun entertainer as well
as a healthy chef. He will talk about his recipes that cover everything from food for babies and toddlers to barbecues. His books will be
available for purchase from Paper Plus on the night (no eftpos, sorry). Tickets are limited and can be purchased from the lovely ladies in
reception or
contact Pauline on the PTA email address above.
Christmas Night Market on Friday 14th November
WE NEED YOUR HELP with decorations, catering, raffles and auction prizes. If you want to be involved in this fantastic event please email
the PTA on the address above or come along to our next Christmas Night Market meeting. Let us know if you can offer goods or services
or know of a business that we could approach.
A big Thank you to everyone that helped with all the events last term, Calendars raised $2397, Term 3 Disco raised $1549 and The Mud
Rush raised $1739.
Save the date for the Christmas Disco (our last school disco for this year) on Friday 28 th November. We have to make it earlier in the term
due to several other community events happening in December.
The next PTA meeting is on Tuesday 28th October at 7.30pm in the school staff room. If you would like to find out
more or help out with any of the events we are planning for this year, please feel free to come along. Alternatively you can become a
friend of the PTA by sending your details to me on the email address above. You will receive emails from the PTA if we need extra
helpers for events and if you can help out with anything then you just simply reply. We also send out the latest minutes and agendas for
our PTA meetings.
The Long Bay School Community Cook Book, Tried and True from Me to You, is still available for purchase from reception at a reduced
price of just $5 each; there is also a sample of the book there for you to view.
Pauline Trigger–PTA Secretary
Ralph Eagles Place, Torbay, Auckland ■ Tel: 09 473 6077 ■ Fax: 09 473 6673 ■ [email protected] ■
School & Community News
Published as a service to parents. Publication of community news does not imply recommendation.
Music at LBPS
Recorder, Acoustic Guitar and Piano Lessons at school. Contact
Carolyn Thompson (LTCL, AIRMT, B.Ed) on 473 2267,
[email protected] or see the school office for an
enrolment form.
Violin lessons at Long Bay Primary on Tuesday mornings.
Please phone Diana Neupert on 473 1344 or email
[email protected].
Fife and flute lessons with Mary O’Brien (LTCL, AIRMTNZ).
Lessons will be held in school time and costs $150 per term.
Please contact Mary O’Brien (09) 426 3824 or 027 676-8741.
Before and After School Care
Before and after school care at Long Bay Primary School with
the aPlus Out of School Care every weekday morning from 7am
and after school until 6pm. For more information phone 4435386.
Wider School Community
ASB School Banking Offer—If you’re looking to move house or
re-think your home loan, talk to the team at your local ASB
branch. If you draw down a loan of $150,000 or more, the ASB
will make a $250 donation to the school of your choice.
Seasons TM support children living with loss, running peer
support groups for children aged 5-13 years who are missing
someone important from their daily life. For more information
please contact Megan Bowden, 410 5117.
North Harbour Softball, all ages, all abilities. Tee-ball, softball,
slow pitch played at Rosedale Park in Albany. For more info
visit or phone 415 8935.
North Harbour Bays Athletics Club (Junior Club Nights) Tuesday
evenings at the athletics field at the Millennium Institute, 17
Antares Avenue, Albany. Ages 5 to 7yrs at 5.30pm and 8 to
14yrs at 5.45pm (ages at 31/12/13). please contact Joanne
Roscoe on 410-5816.
The Gym Bus run an after school class on Monday at Long Bay
Primary School in the hall. Gymnastic classes for 4 to 12 year
olds of all abilities (boys and girls). Fitness, strength and agility.
Please contact or call 480-8688.
Would you like to host an overseas exchange student? Learn
about another culture, learn a new language or perhaps
improve your culinary skills? Student Exchange is looking for
host families across New Zealand to welcome overseas
students into their home. Visit
host-a-student or call 0800 440 079 for more information.
North Shore Trampoline - North Harbour Schools Trampoline
Competition—Entries close November 1. For an entry form
and more information please click here.
North Shore Baseball Club-Grades for all Junior age groups 5-8
(T.Ball) for more information please see our website or email [email protected]
Wetlands Festival 5 and 6 December, at Whangaparaoa
College . For more information please click here.
OnBoard Skateboard School at QBE Stadium,Albany, for more
details and to register please go to
Grasshopper Soccer-Soccer Coaching for 2-12 Yr olds fun & non
competitive for boys & girls of all abilities. Term 4 weekend
programme: Torbay (Sat), Devonport (Sat) & Takapuna (Sun)
Contact: Joe for more info on 021 027 39023 or
[email protected] /
Coatesville Annual Ag Day-Saturday 18th October 10am-2pmCoatesville School for more information please phone 0274
479 515
One Day School-Mind Adventure Session for more details visit or [email protected]
Kelly Sports-Term 4-for more information, please go to
Windsor Park Baptist Church-Superhero's in the Park Night on
31 October Long Bay Regional Park, for more information go
to . [email protected]
The Salvation Army—Give a can to see a movie, Wednesday 12
November at Albany Events Cinema. Tickets available from the
5th November. For more details go to
Torbay Athletics-Registration Night and Fun Night - Tuesday 21
October 5.45pm at Long Bay College Field. ,Ages: 4-12, all
athletic abilities. For more information, please contact Lizzie
Corric 021 229 2292.
Ralph Eagles Place, Torbay, Auckland ■ Tel: 09 473 6077 ■ Fax: 09 473 6673 ■ [email protected] ■