AREST CF 2015 PhD Top-up Scholarships Due Friday 31

AREST CF 2015 PhD Top-up Scholarships
Due Friday 31st October 2014 12 noon
Background and Purpose of this Award
The AREST CF team is a collaboration of specialist paediatric cystic fibrosis centres in Perth and
Melbourne. Our team consists of over 60 doctors, researchers, scientists, research management
and students dedicated to the improvement of respiratory health and outcomes in children with
cystic fibrosis.
We run a unique program aimed specifically at children under the age of seven years called The Early
Surveillance Program. The program focuses on the assessment, treatment and prevention of cystic
fibrosis lung disease in young children. By preventing lung disease early in life we believe that
individuals with cystic fibrosis will live longer fulfilling lives.
The AREST CF team is funded through a NHMRC Centre of Research Excellence with project funding
from NHMRC, NIH and the USA CF Foundation. We have a unique opportunity for exceptional
individuals wishing to undertake PhD study with the AREST CF team in either the Perth or Melbourne
centres. These awards will take the form of “top-up” stipends for PhD programs commencing in
2015. The awards will accompany scholarships won by the recipients through partner Universities in
a separate application process. The stipend will be $10,000 per year, paid in conjunction with their
main scholarship for the duration of that scholarship.
We have a range of potential projects available, including
• Lung physiology and structure (Perth and/or Melbourne)
• Mucosal and innate immunology (Perth and/or Melbourne)
• Metagenomics and bacterial pathogenesis (Perth and/or Melbourne)
• Computational biology and/or bioinformatics (Perth)
• Psychosocial and behavioural psychology (Perth and/or Melbourne )
• Biostatistics and epidemiology (Perth)
Eligibility Criteria
Applied for full-time enrolment in a PhD at the relevant University
Conduct the research principally within the AREST CF team under the primary supervision of
one or more of the lead researchers; and
Have achieved First Class Honours (or equivalent); and
Applied for and be awarded an Australian Postgraduate Award or equivalent such as a NHMRC
Dora Lush award for commencement in 2015
Selection Process
This Award is supplementary to a scholarship awarded to the student through the enrolling
Applications will be ranked on merit by the AREST CF team and the decision of this panel is final. The
Awards are not transferable to another institution.
The panel will take into consideration applicant’s academic record and other indicators of research
potential or achievement as identified in the curriculum vitae. To assist the ranking process, the
panel may liaise with the supervisor or independent referees. Recipients of the awards will be asked
to provide an annual report on their research outcomes and make a short annual presentation of
their work. Awards will be offered by the end of December 2014.
Selection Criteria and Application Process
In the first instance any interested persons are encouraged to email [email protected]
indicating their field(s) of interest. We can then direct any prospective applicant to an appropriate
research supervisor. Further to this discussion you will be required to submit the following:
1. A one page introductory letter including:
o Your contact details; and
o A statement addressing the eligibility criteria for this award; and
o A 100 word summary of your Honours project (or equivalent); and
o The name of your enrolling university and school; and
o Preferred area of your proposed PhD; and
o The contact details of 2 independent referees (not PhD supervisors).
2. A copy of the PhD enrolment and APA scholarship application which has been submitted to
the University. (Please note that you must apply separately for scholarship support.
Students should email [email protected] to provide verification that they have
received an APA or equivalent ASAP).
3. A copy of your tertiary studies final academic record, First Class Honours (or equivalent).
4. A copy of your curriculum vitae (max 2 pages).
5. A short statement from your main AREST CF supervisor stating they have discussed the
student project with you and support your application for this award. This can be in the form
of an email from the supervisor.
Applications are due Friday 31st October by 12 noon to:
Kathy Vial, Manager Learning and Development
Telethon Institute for Child Health Research
Email: [email protected]
Telephone: 08 9489 7799
No late applications will be accepted.