Spiritual Companion Ministry

Spiritual Companion Ministry
Oblate school of Theology has been in partnership with ACTS Missions, the governing organization for
ACTS retreats since 1999. In response to the demands of the ACTS retreat process locally, nationally and
globally a certificate program for Spiritual Companion formation has been developed and now offered at
Oblate School of Theology.
The “ACTS Spiritual Companion Training Program” will address the need in the ACTS communities to
acquire trained male and female spiritual companions who would serve as the spiritual leaders of the
ACTS retreat teams in formation and be available to the retreatants for guidance on the retreat
ACTS Spiritual Companion Formation Program (ASC Formation Program)
The ACTS Spiritual Companion Formation program is a basic formation program for men and women
who function in the role of spiritual companion for ACTS retreats. The one year program provides
formation for ministry. It encompasses basic elements of intellectual, spiritual, pastoral and human
formation including the topics of Christian Foundations, Christian discipleship, Christian Spirituality,
Pastoral Care, Formative Spirituality, cultural implications and elements that apply directly to the ACTS
retreat formation and weekend process.
To form women and men as spiritual companions for the ACTS retreat
Student Learning Outcomes
Upon successful completion of the one year formation program the participants will:
develop a clear understanding of the role of the ACTS Spiritual Companion in team formation
and during the retreat
acquire the knowledge and understanding of Catholic teaching necessary to direct and support
the ACTS retreat team formation
develop skills needed to serve as a resource for those preparing talks, services and rituals
during the retreat
learn to assist and support the retreatants during the retreat weekend
learn to lead prayer in a variety of styles, drawing upon the different styles and methods of
prayer learned throughout the course
acquire facilitation skills needed for group process
ASC Formation Program Admission Requirements
Initial Requirements
a letter of recommendation from the candidate’s pastor
a letter of recommendation from a leader in the parish
a letter of recommendation from a personal reference
an initial interview with the Program Director
commitment to meet with an approved spiritual director throughout this
year- long process on (at the minimum) a monthly basis
a person who has made an ACTS retreat weekend as a retreatant and served on team
a Catholic in good standing with the church
a person who is 35 years of age or older
Program Requirements
Student will be required to meet with a spiritual director throughout the year long
Class attendance and participation
Attendance and participation at day retreat
Successfully writing a sacraments talk
Keeping a journal throughout the class as instructed
Development of a 13 week formation for an ACTS team
All required reading
Preparation and delivery of prayer experiences as assigned
Attendance and participation in pre and post retreat
Practicum and Theological reflection group participation
Mid-point interview with program director
Attendance of an ACTS Missions leadership workshop
If Teen ACTS is the vehicle for the role of Spiritual Companion then attendance at a Teen
ACTS workshop will also be required, as well as a separate training day focused on Teen
Important Dates to note:
Deadline The application process should be completed by June 30, 2014
Pre Retreat - The pre retreat will be offered on two dates you only need to attend one.
September 5-7 2014 - Camp capers in the San Antonio area
August 8-10 - 2014 Cenacle Retreat Center , Houston, Texas
**Please note that each retreat will accept a maximum of 40 students.
The closing retreat dates will be announced soon. The retreat is 3 day- Friday evening to Sunday
afternoon. It will be held in the San Antonio area for all students as it ends with graduation from the
Campus students:
If you are in the San Antonio area our preference is that you attend the campus class on Tuesday
evenings here at Oblate School of Theology. They will be held from 6:30-9:00pm.
For online class only:
Classes will be held on Tuesday evenings from 6:30-9:00. It is a live classroom held online. You will need
access to a computer and a headset with a microphone.
$1360 - Payments will be made to Oblate School of Theology. If
you have need to make arrangements for payment please
contact program director.
Student Activity Fee: $130
Retreat costs :
$450 (this includes the three retreats pre, post and day)
Books approx. :