HVAC Preventive Maintenance Agreement 256-882-8992 256-498-2630

HVAC Preventive Maintenance Agreement
256-882-8992 256-498-2630
Start Date :_________________________ Expires:________________________
ALL AMERICAN COMFORT CONSULTANTS, LLC. will provide preventative maintenance service two times per year. Once in the spring
and once in the fall. We have the right to inspect and approve the equipment covered before accepting the service agreement. The service will be
performed during normal business hours. Under this agreement, we will provide a qualified technician to inspect and service your Heating
& Air conditioning System. See back for special conditions.
Spring Inspection (A/C)
Fall Inspection (Heating)
AH/Furnace M#:__________________________
Install gauges and check operating pressures
Check voltage and amperage to all motors
Check air temperature drop across evaporator
Check for adequate refrigerant charge
Look for any visible signs of leaks
Oil motors (where applicable)
Check belts; adjust tension (where applicable)
Check pressure switch cutout settings
Check Reversing valves (on heat pump system)
Check all wiring and connections
Check contactors
Clean condenser coil, if needed
Check and adjust thermostat
Check that condensate drain is open
Check/Clean Disconnect
Check and adjust thermostat
Check and adjust safety controls
Inspect heat exchanger (on gas systems)
Clean and adjust pilot assembly (if applicable)
Adjust burner for efficiency (on gas systems)
Oil motors if needed
Check for gas leaks in furnace (on gas systems)
Check/Clean Disconnect
Check for loose wires
Clean burners (on gas systems)
Check flue pipe (on gas systems)
Check crankcase heater (if applicable)
Check drains
Adjust pressure regulator (on gas systems)
Check thermocouple (if applicable)
Check Reversing valves (on heat pump system)
Agreement Number #_____________________________
Coil M#:________________________________
Cond/Pac M#_____________________________
____ One System ( 2 trips) $155
____ Two systems ( 2 trips) $270
____ Three systems ( 2 trips) $390
____ Other (describe )
______________________ $ ________
Customer Name:______________________________________ Phone#:_____________________________ Email:_________________________
Address :___________________________________________ City:______________________________ AL, Zip:___________________
HVAC Preventive Maintenance Agreement.
Someone will contact you to set up your inspection
Start and End
date will be
filled out at time
of first service.
HVAC Preventive Maintenance Agreement
256-882-8992 256-498-2630
Any parts required during this service will be charge at a 15% discount. Any unfavorable conditions will be noted and our Technician will
discuss any recommendations for corrective measures with you. YOUR BENEFITS AS A PREFERRED CUSTOMER AGREEMENT PURCHASER Protects against breakdowns by correcting minor problems before they grow into emergencies. Prolongs equipment life by preventing excessive wear. Minimizes operating expenses by keeping your system operating at peak efficiency. Provides proper, factoryrecommended care. Assures priority service attention in the event of an emergency need. Should your equipment need replacement, this
agreement will allow a 5% discount on any new central HVAC equipment we install
Special Conditions of Contractual Agreement:
It is agreed that all work under this agreement will be completed during normal working hours of 7:00am to 4:30pm., Monday through Friday, unless otherwise specified. It is agreed that in order for us to perform our obligations, we shall be free to start and stop the equipment for
reasonable periods. It is agreed that you will provide means of access to the equipment at all times. It is agreed that ALL AMERICAN COMFORT CONSULTANTS, LLC will not be held liable for the operation of the equipment or for injuries to persons or damages to property,
except those directly related to negligent acts or omissions of our employees. And, in no event, shall we be liable for consequential or incidental damages. It is agreed that ALL AMERICAN COMFORT CONSULTANTS, LLC shall not be liable for any loss, damage or delay
caused by improper use, violent acts of god, government regulations, codes or insurance company requirements, difficulties with workman,
fire, or for any reason beyond our control. It is agreed that any alterations, additions, adjustments to repairs made by others, unless authorized
by us will release and terminate all obligations of seller.
All materials, parts and equipment are warranted by the manufacturers' or suppliers' written warranty only. All labor performed by ALL
AMERICAN COMFORT CONSULTANTS, LLC is warranted for a period of 30 days or as otherwise indicated in writing. ALL AMERICAN COMFORT CONSULTANTS, LLC. makes no other warranties, expressed or implied and its agents or technicians are not authorized
to make any such warranties on behalf of above name company. Prices are per system for the period of one year: Total cost to be paid in full
with signed agreement. We accept cash/check/visa/discover/master card.
If This is being sent in by mail, you do not have to worry about the model & serial numbers. This will be filled in along with start end date of
agreement at time of service
Tear Off Below and return with Payment
Preventive Maintenance Payment
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TOTAL PAID : $_____________________________
Type of Card :________________________ CC#______________________________________________
Credit Card
Exp: ____________________________________CVC #_________________________________________
Total amount paid $___________Homeowner Acceptance X____________________________________________AACC Representative X____________________________