January-March 2011
VOL # 2 ISSUE #1
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DoD/OPM Interchange Agreement:
The portability agreement open doors of opportunity for eligible
NAF employees who may apply for career-conditional civil service
jobs under the following conditions:
Hot Topics Included in this issue:
DoD/OPM Interchange Agreement
Length of Service Awards
Frequently Asked Questions
How to Help Employees Resolve
You must be a US Citizen
You must be currently serving in a continuing NAF
position under appointment without time limitation (i.e., a
non-temporary appointment) or you must have been
involuntarily separated from such an appointment without
personal cause within the preceding year
You must meet all qualification standards and
requirements for the position for which applying
You must have served continuously for at least one year in
a NAF position
If you transfer from DoD NAF to DoD civil service under this
agreement without a 3-day break in service you are covered by the
NAF/APF Portability Law (PL 101-508).
Do you know that you can change your invested fund contribution(s) to your 401(K) by logging on to or by contacting Wells Fargo participant account services at 1-866-665-1282.
How to Help Employees Resolve Conflicts:
Conflict at work often leads to low morale, decrease in productivity
and bitterness among employees. By managing conflict you and
your employees will solve problems, improve relationships, and
achieve goals. The following are some tips you might use when
conflicts arise among your employees:
HRO hours of operation: Mon-Fri 7:30am-4:30pm. Walk-ins
9:00am-2:00pm. Office closed on weekends and holidays
For “my pay” password changes and resets, please contact
the HRO staff at 556-4818, 556-4525, or 556-7074.
Impose a deadline to resolve the conflict. Reason:
When people waste time arguing, everyone lose
Have both parties find a common point they can
agree on. Why: The parties can begin working together
to find a solution.
Use the “want-accept” strategy. Have each party state
what they want and the least they will accept. Then
negotiate between “want” and “accept.”
Reverse roles. When two parties disagree, have them
switch roles and negotiate each other’s position. Result:
Each party will come to understand the other’s
viewpoint, making a compromise more likely.
Reinforce employee’s self-esteem. Don’t let those who
didn’t get what they wanted feel like “losers” or that
they were “wronged.”
Use a third party to settle disputes when other efforts
fail. Why: An objective mediator will decide on a fair
Length of Service Awards:
We are now issuing (and back-issuing) length of Service Awards to
regular employees. It may be beneficial to you to know what date
we use to compute your leave. This date might include some NAF
service, AAFES, military, and APF. Please be patient while we
catch-up in issuing these awards. We are in the process of ordering
the lapel pins that go with the 10-year through 50-year service
awards as we are currently short of them. We will issue those as
soon as we receive them.
Current NAF employees applying for other NAF positions within the Squadron must complete an AF 2550 in
order to be considered for the other vacancies. The AF 2550 must be thoroughly completed with all the
signatures and work/education experience necessary for qualifying for the new job.
January-March 2011
VOL # 2 ISSUE #1
Employee Frequently Asked Questions
Question: A NAF employee is told to work in another facility, on a different
shift, performing work that is not related to what he/she normally does,
temporarily to support a base exercise/function. There is no change to the
number of guaranteed hours, the employee is given a 24-hour advance
notice, the work is not illegal, and the duties are not recurring. The
employee refuses to perform the work. How do we address this issue?
Answer: The supervisor always retain the right to assign work to promote the
efficiency of the organization. If the employee refuses, he/she could place
himself/herself in danger of facing possible disciplinary action. It is generally a
good rule of thumb for the employee to follow directions of the supervisor (as long
as it is not illegal, unsafe, immoral, unethical, etc.) and grieve it later if
Always check your LES statements! Report any
inaccuracies to your benefits deductions to the HRO
Question: Is posting phone numbers so other employees can call another
employee (when calling sick) so the shifts are covered at the facility, a violation of
the Privacy Act?
Answer: AFI 33-332 details the Air Force Privacy Act program. Per paragraph
1.1.1 records that are retrieved by name or personal identifier are subject to
Privacy Act requirements. The home phone number is a part of the Privacy Act
protected information.
Question: can NAF employees accept gifts/tips from patrons?
Answer: IAW 5 CFR 2635.202 (a), an employee shall not, directly or indirectly
solicit or accept a gift from (1) a prohibited source or (2) given because of the
employees official title. However, the prohibition set forth in 5 CFR 2635.202 (a)
do not apply if acceptance of gift is in accordance with 5 CFR 2635.204 (a)
through (i). For gift purposes according to 5 CFR 2635.204 (a), government
employees may accept unsolicited gifts having an aggregate market value of $20
or less per source per occasion, provided that the aggregate market value of
individual gifts received from any one person under the authority of this
paragraph shall not exceed $50 in a calendar year. If the aggregate market value
of the gift offered on any single occasion exceeds $20, the employee may not
accept the gift and the gift should be surrendered to an Agency designee who
has been delegated authority to make any determination, approval, take action
required or permitted with respect to another employee. For tip purposes, AFMAN
34-310, paragraph 18.32 addresses tipped employees. You will note that nothing
in that paragraph or its subparagraphs prohibits NAF employees from receiving
tips. However, all tips are income and should be reported on the employee’s tax
return. IRS code section 6053 (a) states that every employee, who in the course
of their employment by an employer, receives in any calendar month tips which
are wages, as defined in section 3121 (a) or section 3401(a), or which are
compensation as defined in section 3231(e), shall report such tips.
If you are enrolled in the 401(K), the NAF Retirement, or
the Health and Life Insurance plans you are responsible
for checking your LES statement every pay period for any
inaccuracies related to your Plan(s) contributions.
Always check your personnel actions (AF Form 2545), pay strict attention to several items such as you social security number, date of
birth, position title, grade, step, and rate of pay. Even though the AF Form 2545 passes through many eyes including the HRO, payroll, and
your supervisor, errors may occur. If you find an error, please contact the HRO immediately at 556-4818.
DID YOU KNOW…….that when an AF civilian employee presents written
confirmation of pregnancy from a medical provider to the supervisor, the
supervisor is required by AFI 44-102, Patient Care and Management of
Clinical Services, to refer the employee to the Military Public Health clinic.
January-March 2011
Volume # 2 issue # 1
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