1. The brand acquisition is expected December 31, 2014.
2. D-A Lubricant Company, Inc. will own the BRAD PENN® brand.
3. The purchase of BRAD PENN® is simply an ownership change.
4. D-A has enjoyed a long history with American Refining Group
(ARG) and expects to maintain its strategic alliance.
5. PENN GRADE 1™ product formula will not change and will
continue to be manufactured in the same plant it always has.
6. BRAD PENN® will not deviate from its current sales & marketing
model and continue selling to Tier I/II distributors.
7. The BRAD PENN® product line will enhance its offering to its
customers by including products within the D-A product line
under the BRAD PENN® brand.
8. Pricing is not anticipated to increase, if anything, due to D-A’s
improved distribution and raw material purchasing ability,
overall healthier economics is expected to create favorable
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