We are a Welcoming Congregation.

2014 November 9
Volume 11, Issue 45
We are a Welcoming Congregation.
We seek to foster a climate of purposeful
inclusion of all regardless of gender, age,
race, ethnicity, national origin, disability,
sexual orientation or expression.
Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Gainesville • 4225 NW 34th Street • Gainesville, FL 32605
352/377-1669 • uuoffi[email protected] • www.uufg.org
Interest and Information Meeting
Today, 12:30 pm, Common Room
The Music Department joyfully announces the beginning of the children and youth ensembles for the
Holiday Programs and beyond! Seeking all children
and youth (ages 5 and up) of all abilities! Come to the
Common Room today after service to learn more!
Parents and youth who are interested, please email Tony Canty at [email protected]. Older youth (12 and up)
will join the adult choir on Thursdays @ 7:30 – 8:30
starting December 4, 2014 throughout the holidays.
Today, following service
Update on Our Goals
& Developmental Ministry
Please attend a Town Hall Meeting in the Sanctuary immediately
following today’s service. Childcare provided.
This meeting addresses the three Goals for Developmental
Ministry that your Governing Board included in the application
for a developmental minister sent to the UUA in September.
These goals derived from the workshop sessions provided by
Maggie Lovins of the Southern Region staff and by board members, plus survey and email input. They will form the plan of
action that our Congregation and developmental minister will
work on for the next three years.
Children 5-11 will meet on Sundays after service @
12:30 in the Choir Room starting December 14, 2014
and will join the Adult Choir in a holiday retreat
Sunday, December 21, 2014 from 2-4 pm in the UUFG
The Board will explain the final version of these goals and solicit
additional congregational input on how members would like to see
them implemented. We will also provide an update on the
Developmental Minister application process.
After the New Year, we’ll assign new rehearsal times
for the youth. Please contact me with any questions. I
look forward to seeing everyone there for FREE
Today, 6:30 pm
— Tony Canty, Director of Music
Welcome, Guests!
We’re glad you decided to check us out. Some
things to know:
Window Room: We have a little room at the
back of the Sanctuary for small children who want
to stay with their parents, but who need to move
around. Parents can sit, see and hear the service,
children have some extra space. Don’t forget a
Visitor Table: We’d love to get to know you and
help you get to know us. Please stop by the Phillips
Social Hall after the service, and look for the table
with the green tablecloth.
All are invited to the Interweave meeting this evening at 6:30pm
in the Phillips Hall. Lesbian, gay, trans, questioning people and
their straight allies meet to share supper and experiences.
The program will be a discussion of transgender/transsexual issues, health, legal and discrimination. Please bring a dish to share
if you would like. Interweave meets monthly on the second Sunday of each month at 6:30 pm, except in December, and is open to
anyone who would like to attend.
For more information, please contact Tara Lee.
Taken Today after Service!
The Membership Committee and the UUFG office plan to distribute a new directory in the next month. If you don’t have a picture
yet submitted or would like a new picture for the upcoming directory, please visit the “green” table in the Phillips Hall following
service. A camera-ready member will take your picture!
The Gazette
2014 November 9
From Nureet Carmel,
Director of Religious
Beloved Congregation:
Volume 11, Issue 45
means focusing our first year on getting to know the
congregation, organizational structures and curricula -- and
to continue doing so as these evolve over time.
To me, “beginning as I mean to continue,” also means being
open to learning, open to ideas, and working with all ages to
help create a meaningful, loving community not only for our
children and youth, but for everyone. And, I know I cannot
do this alone.
I’ve been with you for over a
month now, and I want to thank so
many people for so many things,
it’s hard to know where to begin.
So, I’ll start with all of you!
I’m still learning about the written curricula available to us,
and I’m excited about developing new programs. But, our
most important curriculum is already in action right here in
all of you. Each individual, each teacher, separately, and as a
whole, are what make up our essential teaching– the respect
Thank you for welcoming me with open arms and open hearts and kindness we show one another – this is what our
and entrusting me with guiding the religious education of our youngsters will remember and pass on to others – just as
much or more as the printed materials and formal lessons
youth. I have had some wonderful experiences in my workplace before, but never have I felt so embraced and included taught in the classroom.
as I have here.
The community is our curriculum – you and I.
Thank you also for sharing your knowledge, talents, and ideas
You and I
with me to make my work productive and in line with
Only one I in the whole wide world
UUFG’s goals. I truly cannot do this work without you.
And millions and millions of you,
Finally (at least for now), I want to thank you for making it
But every you is an I to itself
possible for me to attend the annual Liberal Religious
And I am a you to you, too!
Educators Association (LREDA) conference last month in
But if I am a you and you are an I
Decatur, Georgia. It was a wonderful opportunity to meet and
And the opposite also is true,
learn from other UU Religious Educators, UU ministers, and
It makes us both the same somehow
UU administrators from all over the US and Canada. I met
Yet splits us each in two.
my FLORIDA colleagues, made connections, and immersed
myself in everything Unitarian Universalist.
It’s more and more mysterious,
The more I think it through:
As a new member of LREDA, I took a workshop for new
Every you everywhere in the world is an I;
DREs with the theme: “Begin as You Mean to Continue.”
Every I in the world is a you!
The veteran DREs and UU administrators leading the seminar
reminded us that part of beginning as we mean to continue,
By Mary Ann Hoberman
“What’s At the Heart” of our Congregation?
Sunday, November 15, Bradenton
Find out “what’s at our heart” at an exciting workshop led by the
district’s dynamic Connie Goodbread. Manatee UU Fellowship
sponsors this workshop addressing leadership behavior and decision making in UU Fellowships. Help develop a positive future
for our congregation by attending this one-day workshop November
15, 2014, in Bradenton.
The first eight people to reply will have transportation provided and
their workshop costs paid. Contact Warren Hodge, Leadership
Development Committee Chair, by 11:59 p.m. Sunday, November 9.
Then go to UUA Southern Region Website at fd8.formdesk.com/
UUASR/whatsattheheart and register. Registration is $25, which the
LDC will reimburse.
Friday, November 14, 5:30 pm
Home of Rosemarie Dinklage
3939 NW 23rd Circle, G’ville
Come join Rosemarie Dinklage as she hosts UUFG's
November “TGIF Celebration” in her new home! Enjoy good friends with good food & drink and great
conversation. Festivities start at 5:30 pm. Bring your
beverage of choice and a snack to share. Afterwards,
go hear Thomas Royal’s recital!
Directions from UUFG: Go south to 16th Ave., make a
right. You’ll and pass a synagogue on the right. Turn
right into Wood Creek Village immediately after the
synagogue. Go 3 streets. The third street is 23rd Circle. Turn left and go until you see guest parking lots on
your left (they are for the pool).
Volume 11, Issue 45
2014 November 9
This Sunday in RE:
Religious Education classes:
Nursery: Rm 1
Spirit Play (Pre-K -1st combined with
2nd - 3rd): Rm 3
Toolbox of Faith (4th - 5th): Rm 4
Riddle & Mystery (6th - 7th): Rm 7
Please note:
*No Coming of Age (8th and up) class meets today.
Youth are invited to stay for the service during this
time, or to talk with Nureet about volunteering in other
*After RE/service: All children and youth (5 years old
and up) are invited to have pizza in the Common Room
and learn about how they can participate in the children
and youth ensembles for the Holiday Programs and
Next Sunday in RE: Children's Chapel, and Kirsten
Flamand presents Pageant information.
Questions about RE at UUFG? Contact Nureet Carmel, Director of Religious Education, at [email protected].
Office Hours: Nureet is at the Fellowship on Wednesdays 9 am — 2 pm and by appointment.
This coming week, we know of
three members who are celebrating birthdays. Please wish a very
happy birthday to
Amy Cummings-Aponte
Hans Alborn
Bob Kendall
Sunday, November 16, 12:15 pm
The Newcomer Orientation scheduled for November 9
has been changed to November 16 due to a scheduling
conflict with the Governing Board’s Town Hall
Meeting. Newcomers are encouraged to attend the
Town Hall Meeting to learn about plans for our congregation’s future. The Newcomer Orientation on
November 16 will be held in the Library. Stop by the
Green Table in the Phillips Social Hall for information
and directions.
The Gazette
Friday, November 14, 7:30 pm
Thomas Royal's Ph.D. recital, which consists of experimental
electronic music he composed as a student at UF, will occur on
November 14th, 7:30 pm, at the University of Florida Music
Building, Room 101.
Potluck and Speaker Sunday, Nov. 16, 6 pm
Celebrate the Move To Amend victory in Alachua County along
with 81-year old Rhana Bazzini’s historic 330-mile walk from
Sarasota to Tallahassee for campaign finance reform! Rhana will
be with us in Gainesville part way through her October 13December 3 walk. You can LIKE her Facebook page
www.facebook.com/pages/In-Granny-DFootsteps/1408551366082040 . We'll hear about her journey and
her work in the Phillips Hal next Sunday at 6:00 pm.
We will also honor Nancy Parkinson and other UUFG and
Gainesville community members who were active in supporting
the Move To Amend amendment about corporate personhood
which was on the November 4 ballot. UUFG was the first UU
congregation in Florida to vote to support this nation-wide
Please bring your own plates and utensils and some food to
share. Hope to see you on the 16th!
Thursday, November 27, 2 pm
Lynne Capehart and Judith Kendall are coordinating UUFG’s
annual Thanksgiving dinner, scheduled for 2 pm on Thanksgiving Day, November 27 in the Fellowship Hall. Please mark this
event on your calendar and think about ways you can help.
If you plan to attend the dinner, please email Judith at
[email protected] with your name, how many in your party,
and what you plan to bring.
Let us know if you can help with any of the following:
· Table decorations
· Set up
· Clean up
Above all, we need your participation to make our Thanksgiving
dinner a memorable event. We have much to be thankful for in
our UUFG community. Let’s come together in gratitude and
Last Sunday, November 2, 113 adults attended service while 30
children and youth participated in religious education, facilitated
by seven adults.
The Gazette
2014 November 9
Please see an usher for more information.
Volume 11, Issue 45
11:00 am
Worship Service
Hiking the Camino de Santiago Trail
Michaelyn Luttge
To avoid disruptions, please turn off or
silence your cell phone before the service begins.
November 9
November 16
Greeters &
Carol &
Jack Rivers
Janet Davies
Gene Cowell
Chalice Table
Clare Jones
Michaelyn Luttge
Erin Parish
Lock up
Heather McAuslane
Judith Kendall
Kristin Stevens, Congregation President
Cam Pierce, Office Adminstrator
352-377-1669 / [email protected]
Tony Canty, Director of Music
352-377-1669 / [email protected]
Nureet Carmel, Director of Religious Education
352-377-1669 / [email protected]
Ron Lange, Program Council Chair
Know someone who is ill? Use [email protected]
Want to thank someone?
Use [email protected] or the Gratitude Box
Have a suggestion? Use [email protected]
To email UUFG’s staff as a group, send your message to
[email protected]
To address all Board members as a group, use [email protected]
For addressing all Program Council Members, use
[email protected]
business and concerns submitted to the office (email
[email protected]) for editing by noon on Wednesdays. Please put
“for Gazette” in your subject line. Your submissions will be posted
up to three times, inserted on dates you indicate.
Sunday, November 9 —
9:30 am Social J ustice Discussion (Common Room)
11:00 am Wor ship Ser vice
12:15 pm Young Adult Potluck (Classr oom 5)
12:15 pm Town Hall Meeting (Sanctuar y)
12:30 pm Music Infor mation Mtg. w/ Childr en &
Youth (Common Room)
6:00 pm Dancing Otter s Wiccan Class (Common
6:30 pm Inter weave (Phillips Hall)
Tuesday, November 11 —
8:30 am Mor ning Meditation (Common Room)
6:30 pm Humanist Cir cle (Local r estaur ant — see
Al Tweedy for location)
7:30 pm Gainesville Fr iends of J azz (non-UUFG
event ~ Sanctuary)
Wednesday, November 12 —
6:30 pm Gr and Squar es Dancing (non-UUFG event
~ Phillips Hall)
7:00 pm Pr ogr am Council (Common Room)
Thursday, November 13 —
6:30 pm Wor ship Committee (Common Room)
7:00 pm Humanist Society of Gainesville (nonUUFG event ~ Phillips Hall)
7:30 pm Chalice Choir Rehear sal (Fellowship Hall)
Friday, November 14—
5:30 pm TGIF Celebr ation (Rosemar ie Dinklage’s
7:00 pm Dancing Cr ane Zen (Common Room)
7:45 pm Gainesville Inter national Folk Dancer s
(Non-UUFG event ~ Phillips Hall)
Sunday, November 16 —
9:30 am Social J ustice Discussion (Common Room)
11:00 am Wor ship Ser vice
12:30 pm Teacher Meeting (Classr oom 5)
12:30 pm UU Or ientation (Libr ar y)
6:00 pm Social J ustice Potluck (Phillips Hall)
6:00 pm Dancing Otter s Wiccan Class (Common