How Cloud Technology Can Improve your Business

Using cloud technology has made a huge impact on the business
Although cloud-based technology costs a service fee, the small cost is
worth the price. The alternative to using a cloud-based platform is
hiring an IT firm to manage your secure data or have in-house
hardware that requires a professional to set up and operate and also is
energy inefficient. Recent studies done by Microsoft have shown you
can save up to 80% on your IT budget using a cloud service.
Additionally, as shown the same study done by Microsoft, using a
cloud-based service can eliminate up to 90% of your energy cost
associated with running in-house servers. On top of the cost savings,
cloud technology is considerably more secure.
It has been proven that cloud technology is the most secure form of data
storage and backup. As stated by a Clarium Group study, 57% of companies
using the cloud affirm that it’s provided better data security than alternative
forms of data storage. Using the cloud provides automatic updates that ensure
that your data back up is done regularly. This frees up IT employees to focus on
less mundane tasks which boosts business productivity. The cloud backup and
security also help businesses to be more compliant. According to a Microsoft
Dynamics report, 91% of SMEs say that cloud providers make it easier to
adhere to compliance requirements. Scale your business with a cloud-based
Employees that are given secure access to the cloud are able to access work
from their own devices. Not only does this save time in the field, but it also
creates flexibility and accountability. With tracking, the cloud creates a platform
that allows users to manage multiple projects at once from any location while
keeping track of individual contributions. Because the cloud updates
automatically as new information is added to the platform, using the cloud
provides real time results. Eliminate time lapse when making important
decisions that is important to grow your business.
Becoming aware of the possibilities in technology can catapult your business
success. If you are not already using a cloud-based platform for your business,
it may be time to consider switching to this current technology. With Onsite
CRM, our proprietary Customer Relationship Management software is all cloud
based. Onsite CRM business management solution is ideal for growing your
business and providing the peace of mind that your data is secure.
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