Shoes Do Talk…Listen!!

Shoes Do Talk…Listen!!
Shoes. Women desire them. We lust over them. Some of us even fantasize about
them. But, what all of us have in common is that we never seem to have enough of
them. We want more. Whether it’s the euphoria at the sight of a flashy pair of Ralph
Lauren Boots or the dopamine rush we get wearing SJP Stilettos to a hot date, shoes
carry us through a journey of myriad emotions.
Men cannot make sense about women’s shoes especially when they probably don’t
even know about the existence of most kinds, leave alone the brands. And women
kinda know it. We understand it wouldn’t make sense to most men how despite
possible bankruptcy, feuds with significant others and no room left in our closets,
shopping for new shoes cures our blues. Shoes are something we want, we fantasize
about, we stalk, and ultimately acquire and cherish.
Women love different shoes based on their moods and sometimes shoes can affect their
moods. As confusing as that may seem, a closer inspection of a woman’s shoes can
probably help you figure out her current mood and work it to your favor. I will let you in
on the secrets of figuring out why she wears a particular kind of footwear. There, now
that I have your attention. Let’s proceed.
From basic to bold, no matter how difficult it is for you to understand the connection,
each pair plays a unique role in a woman’s daily life. And every woman’s day is made
up of a few mood swings thereby influencing her footwear choice for that day. This is a
glimpse into what those pairs reveal about her current mood. But before we start you
need to be acquainted with the six classic types of shoes every woman owns – The Flat,
the Pump, the Casual Sneaker, the Wedge, the Athletic Shoe and the Stiletto.
The Flats
This is all about getting things done, but also, it
is kind of boring. When your woman is wearing
her flats, this might mean she has no intention of
making any fancy plans. So do not bug her with
She is totally bored but she isn’t looking forward to changing that either. If you’re guilty of
something you better spill it now. In these shoes she’s ready for anything thrown at her.
Now whether that’s good news or not totally depends on you. She’s in the mood to being
rational and wise. Yes, wipe that surprise off your face. She is capable of that as well!
The Pump Heels
If these are the shoes she chose, then she’s
definitely in the ambitious, organized and driven
mood. There’s probably an office party or an
important business event involved somewhere and
she’s totally looking forward to making proper
connections through networking. .
She’s all set to wipe out any obstacle that comes her way. Yes, you too. So don’t get in her
way. She’s confident, pulled together and ready to impress. Not the right time to get greeneyed. Give her space while she’s out to conquer the world.
The Casual Sneakers
She’s got the effortlessly cool mood going on if
she’s in her casual sneakers. Today is your day.
She’s not stressing, that means you don't need to
stress either. We know that you knew that.
Not only is she carefree today, she’s not even worried about her style. She’s happy and
relaxed. Take her to the neighborhood coffee shop and she could probably even give you
company while you watch the F1 race. You can’t piss her off today.
The Wedge Heels
If you’re surprised because she’s suddenly bright
and bubbly, don’t freak out. Look for the tell tale
signs. Isn’t she wearing her wedge heels? Yes, she
is totally happy and her fun mode is on, even if
the reasons are unknown.
Don’t start thanking God yet. You have the responsibility of keeping the day
interesting. Whether it is for a romantic long drive or dinner date, she’s totally looking
forward to hashtagging a few selfies with you on Instagram. She’s got her A-game on and
you got to step it up as well. Who knows, it might be one of your lucky days.
The Athletic Shoes
Those sport shoes might not be much of good
news. Spotted usually with the bitter uber-healthy
green juice in hand, she’s probably sweating it
out. Remember how the gym gets your happy
hormones flowing? Not quite the same.
She’s a extra motivated probably because she’s really pissed at something. Somebody
probably hinted at the couple of inches she gained after her recent vacation. And she’s all
ready to ‘Cardio’ her frustration out. If it had something to do with you, stop reading and
head to hallmark.
The Fancy Stilettos
Don’t trip over and bump your head. We know
it’s impossible with her looking that gorgeous.
Those fancy stilettos are all about getting
attention. She’s on her diva mode and ready to be
swooned over.
She’s bored with routine and wants today to be all about living her life. You’re totally
looking at an evening out, with her solely being the center of attention. She’s ready for a
exciting night of socializing and partying, and you’ll be better off escorting her yourself.
So get out of those shabby tees and suit up.