Future 2nd Grader Game Board

Endhaven Summer Fun
For Future Second Graders!
(Complete at least 15 activities
and turn in at the start of the
school year for a prize.)
Look at all of the
shoes in your
house. Tally the
number of sandals,
tennis shoes and
dress shoes in your
summer journal.
Write the total!
Look inside a
grocery store flier.
Cut out the most
expensive item and
paste it in your
journal. How much
money would you
need for 2 of them?
Ask 10 friends or
relatives their
favorite color.
Organize your
data in a table or
Write as many
sentences as you
can that have 14
for an answer.
Write a story
problem for 12 +
5 and 12 – 5.
Solve both. 
Make as many
number sentences
as you can that
equal 18. Ex.
How many
different ways can
you use pennies,
nickels, and dimes
to make 25 cents?
To make 50
cents? Record all
of the ways.
Play any online
activity or app
from the middle.
Don’t forget to
record it in your
summer journal!
Grab a handful of
cereal, or other
small object.
Estimate how many
you have, then
count to verify!
You have 14 toys. You
give seven to a friend.
How many do you still
have? Show your
thinking with words,
numbers or pictures.
Math Websites:
Find an adults
shoe. Measure
and record the
length in inches
and centimeters.
Go on a shape
hunt. Write down
all of the things that
look like squares,
circle, triangles,
parallelograms and
Roll two numbers
cubes (dice) 20
times. Add the
two digits each
time. Record
each roll. Which
sum did you get
most often?
Math Apps:
Write an addition
story for
Then solve it!
Draw a repeating
pattern with
shapes. Ask a
friend or adult to
add on to your
Take 12 cheerios
(or similar
object). Put
them in equal
groups. How
many groups can
you make?
Cut out a picture
from a flier or old
magazine. Glue it in
your journal. Write a
math story problem
for the picture.
Doodle Fit
Lunch Lab
Ten people are in
the swimming
pool. How many
feet and how
many hands are in
the pool?
Math Marble
Play any online
activity or app from
the middle. Don’t
forget to record it in
your summer
Write a story
problem for
25-18. Then
solve it!