How to fasten the functioning of Epson Printer?

How to fasten the functioning of Epson Printer?
If your Epson machine is working slowly and you want to increase the speed then, follow the
below guidelines to fasten its functioning.
Switch on your computer and printer.
Open the Advanced dialog box, if you’re using Windows computer follow these steps:
 Click Custom from the Main menu.
 Go to Advanced option.
 When the dialog box appears ensure media matching loaded in the Epson
machine is selected.
 Adjust the color setting. Choose Color or color/B&W to print colored photos,
or Black to print a document in Black only.
If a user wants to print advanced monochrome pictures, select Advanced
B&W Photo.
 Next, you have to make a click on Print Quality setting.
 If a person is using non-Epson special media then go to Paper Configuration
button and make the necessary changes in its settings.
 Also, make the Printer Color Management settings. If you don’t know its
settings you can take online help.
Note: Some settings are enabled or disabled depending on the color, print
quality and media type settings you have made.
 Change other settings also which are required. For more details visit its
 Select OK button to make changes. Go back to the Main menu.
 Also, select Automatic mode and adjust the slider to increase its speed from
the Main menu.
Do not open multiple heavy files at the same time. Close all the unnecessary programs
that are opened.
Open your control panel and go to Hardware and Sound, click Devices and Printers.
Check if High Speed Copies is enabled in Speed & Progress.
There are some more methods to increase the functioning of your printer. Hopefully, these
above mentioned steps will you help to get the prints fast. If you need more help contact Epson
Printer Support Number Australia at 1-800-952-985 which will help you out in any critical
situation. A user can contact any day to avail instant help.