How To Put Lenovo Laptop To Sleep?

How To Put Lenovo Laptop To Sleep?
Generally, laptops have a special power mode, known as Stand By or Sleep mode. Using this
mode, you can put your laptop to sleep, so that way you can keep the device ready to for an
extended period without wasting a lot of battery juice.
If you are a Lenovo laptop user, you can greatly extend the battery life by putting it in sleep mode
when you are not using it. In the sleep state, Windows optimise battery and uses minimum battery
consumption to keep the functions of the computer’s memory active. Furthermore, the processor
and screen remain turned off. To this end, Lenovo Customer Support Canada has come with an
effective methodology in order to guide our readers – how to put a Lenovo laptop to sleep:
 On your desktop, open the start menu by clicking it.
 Now, choose Control Panel from the context menu.
 Here, click the Hardware and Sound button to continue.
 After you do this, change the behaviour by clicking Change What the Power Buttons Do
under the Power Options category.
 Choose both of the drop-down menus next to When I Press the power button and then
select Sleep on each menu.
 Click Save button to made changes.
 After saving, push the power button on your laptop to put the computer to sleep or you can
do the same immediately by pressing and holding the button while your computer is
 Click the Windows logo at the lower-left corner of your current screen to open the start
 At the bottom-right corner of the menu, click the Sleep button. If the button is not available
there, click, continue.
 Double-click the arrow button at the bottom-right corner of the Start menu, and then finally,
select Sleep to put your laptop to sleep.
In case you require any further assistance, you can contact our Lenovo Technical Support
Canada. Here our experts have got a keen eye for details and years of experience under their
belt. Just call Lenovo Support Number @ 1-855-264-9333 today and you will be blown away by
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