How To Troubleshoot Lockup And Hang Issues On A Lenovo Laptop?

How To Troubleshoot Lockup And Hang Issues On A
Lenovo Laptop?
Lockup and hang issues on a system are now a common problem today. But the fact is that, the
consistency reproduce this error is difficult to diagnose. The reason may be both the software
issue as well as the hardware issue. Follow the instructions given below to solve this error.
1. First of all, run PC Doctor and check if any error found on your system.
2. Ensure the latest BIOS code is installed on your system.
3. Now, scan the drive for viruses and other malware which may cause this issue. Make
sure to use an updated version of the software.
 Always check the updates of antivirus program on a regular basis.
 Spyware may be the cause of performance problems. Mostly antivirus fails to
detect the spyware or adware and poses security concerns.
 You may guess easily if adware has attacked your system as they cause excessive
numbers of unwanted pop-ups while browsing the internet.
4. Verify the system resources and set them as required.
5. Also, use System Restore, Configsafe, or similar utility to save the present settings.
6. Now, load the original configuration and then compare the performance of the system.
7. Remove any suspected troublemaking program from the device to avoid further issues.
8. You can also check the memory added as an option and inspect the part numbers are
9. Also, check if any installed cooling fan is not working properly or the airflow is blocked.
10. Thereafter following all above steps reseat all adapters, power connectors, and memory
11. Make sure that all relevant drivers are updated to the latest version.
All the above-mentioned steps will definitely solve your issue of hanging and locking up of the
Lenovo laptop. If still, there is some doubt then call us on our toll-free number Lenovo Support
Number Canada @ 1-855-264-9333 reach to the solution of any issue. No matter how hard you
try you have to take the help of customer support as technical issues cannot be solved on their
own. Being a gadget your Lenovo laptop also needs maintenance and our support team is
always to help the customers in need. Not only hanging problem but for other related
hindrances you can take contact us to rectify the problems.