Leaked: Lenovo’s newest Thinkpad is embracing the retro

Leaked: Lenovo’s newest Thinkpad is
embracing the retro
The Lenovo Thinkpad is the most highly rated Lenovo laptop in the year 2017, at least as far as
laptopmag is concerned. This budget laptop is on everyone’s mind because of its robust features, its
hardened surface and its extremely sleek aesthetics. This business class machine has the first choice of
several academics as well.
To that end, it should come as no surprise that Lenovo support Canada pounced into action just when
the news leaked about the newest endeavor of the machine; to provide a more nostalgic, a more retro
style design.
On its 25th anniversary, the first images of the computer show all the hallmarks that accentuated in the
original, including that red TrackPoint right in the middle of the keyboard.
How the latest keyboard design took us back to the old days?
The new design of the typing peripheral; the keyboard is interesting to say at least. There is a red dot
right in the middle. As one of the most emphasized upon features of a laptop, it was no surprise the IBM
went with defining this very peripheral to the olden days. Other than the red dot, the “Enter” button is
made blue in color. As only pictures are available, courtesy of the German website Winfuture, we were
actually able to ascertain the robustness of the keys. They appear a bit bigger, their height appears to be
a lot more substantial and to that end, we are also salivating over the fact that it might make that
familiar tapping sound. Going further down, we noticed the familiar trackpad with adjacent mouse
buttons in reddish accents. All in all, the entire keypad is extremely nostalgic.
Everything else is pretty modern
Other than the keys the rest of the panel appears to have a more modern approach, with soft-press
volume keys on the top-left with mute and mic buttons on its left and right side respectively. Going a bit
deeper, the most recent reports suggest that the Lenovo laptop entail a 14 inch IPS display with Intel
core i7 inside with around 16 GB of RAM. Furthermore, it contains a 512 GB Solid state Drive and an
NVIDIA GeForce 940 MX graphics unit, which sound pretty decent for a budget laptop. The leakers have
also suggested that it might have LTE, and Windows hello Support. With the latter to be enabled using
fingerprint scanner and webcam.
For more o such latest technology related news, you visit the official Lenovo Helpline Number Canada
website. Furthermore, you can also contact them at their toll free number 1-855-264-9333. Now only
you would get answers to your queries, but the experts there would also assist you with some Lenovo
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