How to reformat a Lenovo Device

How to reformat a Lenovo Device
It is important to keep formatting your device as there are chances of being get infected through viruses
and spyware. And there are two methods of reformatting the Lenovo laptop i.e. either by using hidden
partition on hard drive or through recovery disc.
Follow the below instructions for reformatting the device:
a. In to the AC outlet, plug in the computer and then turn the device on. On the Lenovo logo
screen, press ‘F11’ key for loading the Rescue and Recovery.
b. Click on ‘Continue’ button after reading the license agreement. From the menu, choose ‘Full
Restore’ option.
c. Tap on ‘Continue’ button and then within the options select ‘Factory Recovery’. Click on ‘Restore’
button. Again tap on ‘Continue’ and for confirming the same click on ‘OK’.
d. On the Product Recovery screen, click on ‘Next’ button. Mark the check box of ‘I Accept These
Terms and Conditions’. For proceeding ahead click on ‘Next’ button.
e. To reformat and recover the Lenovo device in its factory condition, click on ‘Yes’ option.
f. You will be prompted to restart the device. Click on ‘Yes’ button.
Keep In Mind: Press ‘F1’ key if you are trying to restore the laptop from recovery disc instead of using the
partition. Choose ‘Boot’ and then press the ‘Enter’ key. Select the disc drive and then tap on ‘F5’ for
moving it at the top of list. For saving and exit, press ‘F10’.
Insert the suitable recovery media in the disc drive when asked if you are using Rescue and Recovery
from DVD.
Select the ‘Rescue Files’ in case if you want to back up the data before reformatting the drive. Follow the
on screen instructions.
Also remember to connect the AC power adapter to the laptop before beginning the process to avert the
recovery process. If you don’t connect, the battery of the device might lose the charge.
Lenovo Support Canada assists you with all the related issues. Dial 1-855-264-9333
There are several issues that can come up while doing the task and can halt it. This can be due to faulty
keyboard, hard drive issue, touchpad trouble or screen turns to blue while trying to access. You can get
in touch with the technicians and experts who will guide you through the process. Dial Lenovo Technical
Support Canada and get your errors fixed.