How to Fix Epson Printer Ink Cartridge Error?

How to Fix Epson Printer Ink
Cartridge Error?
Getting error with your Epson Printer? Is it not able to recognize the ink installed in the
machine? Don’t worry; we have a solution to it. Before proceeding with the solution, just make
sure three things i.e. always use genuine ink cartridges and not a local one, paper tray is filled
with sufficient papers and the network connection is mandatory.
Now, follow the given instructions listed below:
1. Withdraw the ink cartridges carefully from the machine. Keep it in a safe place and be
careful while handling as it may leak some ink through its supply port.
2. Do not replace the rollers by your hands as it may harm the printers.
3. Clean the cartridges with the help of cotton or via alcohol. Remove any dust particles set
on it, clean its chip gently and ensure that you don’t harm it.
4. Ensure that all the cartridges are in the right slot. Verify their placement by following the
colored indication in an appropriate way.
5. Confirm that the cartridges are suited with your Epson machine. Go through the user
guide about the same.
6. Do not leave your printing machine without the ink for too much time as it may dry.
7. Ensure that the bottom plastic of the cartridges has been pierced. Use a knife to remove
the same.
8. Check if the problem is resolved. If not, then turn on the machine and withdraw the
unrecognized cartridges. Turn off the machine for 10 minutes. Now, turn it on and install
the cartridges back into the position.
9. If the problem is not resolved then you will have to replace the ink.
These were the possible solutions to rectify this problem. Perform them correctly one by one. If
the problem continues, then make a call at Epson Technical Support Australia @1-800-952-985
to get the faster solution. The team is expert in solving such problems and also has knowledge
of latest tools through which the problem can be cropped out from the root. So don’t delay now
and move towards us for the best solution. The technicians here are very skilled and talented
and capable to eliminate minor to the major problem of the printer.