What to Do When Lexmark Printer Is Not Responding

What to Do When Lexmark Printer Is
Not Responding?
Lexmark Printer has made a good impact on people for its working of photocopying. If you
don’t want to spend a much amount of money and want a good quality prints, then Lexmark
Printer is the best in which you can invest without thinking too much. However, some settings
need to be done to get the desired printout.
If your printing machine is not responding due to some problem, then here are the
troubleshooting steps suggested by Lexmark Printer Support to solve this problem.
Follow the given steps:
Ensure that you plugged in the printing machine and turned it on.
Also, make sure that you connected the interface cable accordingly.
Now, print a Help page to make sure that the controller board is functional. If the printed
document is correct then the issue is with your software, network setup or driver.
If the print result is not good, confirm that your print engine is functional by pressing the
Test Print button, and holding it down for 3 seconds. If it is working, it will print a
composite-gray page.
Confirm that your Lexmark machine can communicate.
If you have a Macintosh:
Verify that you have the right PPD file installed and selected and that you’ve selected the
printer in the Chooser.
If the name of the machine is not showing in the Chooser list then the network connection
may be faulty.
Use the Print Window in the Finder to send a print command to the printing machine. If
the communication between both the machines is working, the printer produces a
directory listing of the active window on the desktop.
So, that’s how you will recover from this problem. For further information, contact us at
Lexmark Printer Support Number Canada. Customers can ask any print related issue from our
executives and we assure that you will get an instant response from us. Our technicians are
very expert in resolving technical glitches that may occur in the printing machine. They can also
make your printer works fast with their techniques. If you also want to avail these services, call
us without any doubt and remove every single hurdle that comes your way.