Unable to Receive or Send Emails on

Unable to Receive or Send Emails on Dodo
While working on webmail there are chances of encountering several technical glitches.
And the common problems include password or account recovery. Apart from these
issues, other glitches can crop up anytime and hampers the entire working process. One
of the most recurring problems is Unable to receive and send emails. Though it is
easy to fix this problem due to technical involvement, it is hard for the user to resolve it
own their own.
Dodo Support Australia assists the user to recover their email related troubles. The
experts and professionals help in resolving the problem and guide the user with the
recovery process.
Check the few things before proceeding with the recovery process if you are unable to
receive or send any emails (such as Live Mail, Mac Mail, Outlook):
1. Go through the below mail server settings like:
Settings which user has to set for receiving messages.
Check the below settings for sending
Incoming Mail Server: pop.dodo.com.au
Outgoing Mail Server: smtp.dodo.com.au
Type: POP3
Type: SMTP
Port: 110
Port: 25
Authentication Required: Yes
Authentication Required: No
Username: Mailbox username (without @dodo.com.au)
Password: Mailbox password
Use SSL: No
Use SSL: No
2. Check Firewall:
Firewall is another reason if the user faces an issue in receiving/sending the email.
Besides Firewall, security or anti-virus software might be blocking the internet
connection. So, turn off the firewall temporarily and check if you are able to receive/send
an email. You can contact our team if you need assistance in turning off the firewall.
3. Remake the connection:
If the above-mentioned methods failed, then remove and re-make the connection.
4. Test from webmail:
Login to the webmail by accessing ‘http://webmail.dodo.com.au’ along with the email
address and password. Try to forward an email to yourself from the platform. Tap on
‘Check Mail‘ and if you received the email then the issue was from the email client on
the system.
Dealing with the same issue again and again? Call Dodo Technical Support
Australia 1-800-789-560 for help.
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