How To Download And Install Dell Wireless Printer-converted

Dell supports both the formats, windows and
Mac, you can install the printer driver form its
official site or purchase it from a retail store. You
can buy any printer of Dell as they all are
effective in their core areas; printers are designed
according to the need of every individual and
their daily requirement of printer. They are
affordable as compared to going cyber café every
time; you spend 20 rupees on a colored printout
when you can do that at 10 paisa at home. It
saves your time as well as money and easy to
operate or you can guide yourself by the manual
book which you get with your Dell printer.
If have you already bought one and looking
for its installation, then we are here to assist
you. Follow these steps before you go for the
• Download the dell printer driver from the
official dell support web site.
• Follow the wizard screen instruction and
install the driver.
Go to the desktop of your Mac system or Mac
book and click on the Apple logo at the top
left corner of your screen.
• Select the System Preferences and navigate
your cursor to “print and scan” and click on it.
• Press the plus icon to add the printer
• Now click on the IP from the toolbar select
the IP address of your printer,
Then select Daemon in a protocol box, leave the
Queue box blank, in the name area you can write
your name or Dell printer.
• If you have more than one printer than you can
add its location for example office printer or
front desk printer,
• In the uses select the appropriate driver for
your device and hit the Add button,
• If another screen will pop up select the
installed on the printer accordingly and click on
Now your driver has been installed
completely, go and enjoy the printing
experience and decorate your house or office
with our group pictures. If you need more
help in solving technical glitches, then give a
call on the toll-free number. You can take an
advice from our Dell Printer Technical
Support team and share your experience or
issue with them.
If You have any query regarding to your
printer make a call At Dell Printer Support
Helpline Number
For More Info
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