How To Troubleshoot Wireless Network Issue In Lenovo-converted

▪ Lenovo recently has come up with the new
series of laptops, tablets and Think Pads. The
users might often face problems using these
devices as they find it difficult acquainting with
new technology. The Lenovo Technical Support
Team, therefore, is available 24*7 for the
surveillance of such users. They offer solutions
through support articles and remote services if
their users happen to stuck with the technical
issues. The troubleshooting solution in this
article will enable you to connect any wireless
network that is available, it could either be
Home Gateway or Access Point.
▪ Verify these settings to troubleshoot wireless
Network issues
▪ 1. Network adapter must be visible to the
operating system – press right-click on the
Computer Icon and open the Manage window.
You will have to click on the Device Manager
and click on the “+” sign.
▪ 2. Enable the radio – Press Fn + F5 keys and turn
on the Master Control. Expand the Individual
Controls and turn on the 802.11/Wi-Fi.
▪ 3. Check the network name and security
▪ 4. Install the latest driver adapter – Check the
website for latest drivers and software and
install if an update is available.
▪ 5. Update the wireless router or Access Point
▪ 6. Check the TCP/IP address and that they are
properly installed
▪ 7. Get the recent service pack for your operating
system – Contact the software vender to get a
different package.
▪ You also have an option to download Think Vantage
Access Connection if you are windows 7 user. It
manages your crucial network connections; you just
need to create the profile. You would need to click on
the profile from the list and this tool will
automatically connect your device to the selected
wireless device. But for instance if the customer
does not use the Windows 7 version of the operating
system, then he/she is recommended to Contact
Lenovo Customer Support Number +1778-8061736 to get their issues resolved by the technical
engineers. They will require a remote access to
troubleshoot the issues with the blink of an eye.
Contact Us:▪ If have any query regarding laptop or
computer make a call at Lenovo laptop
Support Canada
▪ Helpline Number +1778-806-1736
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