How To Turn On Wireless On An IBM Lenovo Laptop-converted

If you want to connect your IBM Lenovo
laptop to a wireless network, then first you
have to turn on the wireless network through
your laptop’s operating system or through a
switch which is in some models of Lenovo to
enable the network directly.
So here, Lenovo Tech Support provided the
accurate procedure in order to enable the WiFi on your laptop. You just have to follow the
below steps properly.
Enable it via Operating System
First of all, go to start menu located at the
bottom left corner of the main desktop
screen and open it and then click on Control
Panel from the menu.
Then select ‘Network and internet’ icon from
the list of options.
After that, click on the ‘Network and sharing
center’ option from the menu and then you
have to right-click on the ‘Wireless Network
Connection’ icon on the top of the resultant
Then click on ‘Enable’ option to turn on the
Enable it via Switch
Firstly, look for a wireless networking switch
on your Lenovo device. You will find this
switch on the front of your system just above
the keypad.
After finding the switch, slide it to the ‘On’
Then check for a wireless light which is
located on the front of your system. Some
switches reveal a light to indicate that the WiFi connectivity is active or other switches
reveal a green strip of plastic when active.
Now you can easily connect your Wi-Fi
network to your device. If you want any
further assistance regarding any other issue
related to your Lenovo device, then you can
connect with our experts directly by calling us
at our Lenovo Support Number +1778-8061736 and our experts will deliver quick and
reliable solutions for every problem.
If You are facing any issues with your laptop
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