How to check if my Lenovo laptop is original or fake

 Have you bought a Lenovo PC for a real bargain and
now confused whether my Laptop is genuine or not?
 Many people have the policy that the costlier the
product, the authentic it ought to be. Ask yourself few
questions before you buy anything: Why do I need it?
Why am I purchasing it?
 If all that comes to your mind is for the luxury
purpose, then snap on it and pay it without a doubt.
But if you want for a specific use, weigh the price along
with the cost of its purpose. Besides this, it has been
encountered that few people are being cheated by
paying costly. To save yourself from this trap, read the
following beforehand tips for clearing your doubts:
 1. Check for the keys and buttons: An original laptop
must have the keys in correct places. If you check
otherwise, this means it is refurbished. These are the
patterns and positions of keys. First, examine the
position of the keys – 123456789, QWERTY etc. Next,
check the button with 2 also has the symbol @. If it
types something different when pressed @, this means
it is duplicate. When you press the button with coma,
you may see something different.
 2. Look for the fitness of the screen: The laptop in
which the screen has been modified will not fit the
frame. Beyond it, it might have gaps or misalignment
along with the frame. It will also be with gaps in the
 3. Every new and original laptop must have the stickers
near the keyboard. These stickers must have the type
of processor which the computer is using such as Intel
or any other. It must have the storage size such as RAM
or the memory and all need to be stated on it. Other
things can be added but those are primary.
 4. Inspect the battery: At times the battery is
configured of a different company while the laptop is
from another company. For example, in a Lenovo, the
battery is of Acer product.
 5. On the sticker and package, you can know the type
of OS which is running. If after starting the computer
you find that OS is different from what is written, then
it isn’t genuine.
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