How To Increase The Speed Of Acer Laptop-converted

 Acer is considered as one of the popular brands in the
field of technology. It provides products such as PCs,
Laptops and other peripherals. However, if your Acer
laptop has working slow then do not worry, for we have
some cool tips up our sleeves to help you get though
this problem. Just follow the steps below.
 Steps to follow:
 • Close startup applications
 1. Open the start menu and fill system configuration in
the search bar.
 2. Now choose the same option from the results
procured from the search.
 3. Navigate to the start up tab and unmark the
checkboxes for the process you don’t need to run at the
time of startup.
 4. Select Ok to save changes.
 • Disable performance options in your device
 1. Open start menu and search for system in the search
 3. Go to the Advanced tab and from the option
performance, choose Settings.
 4. Unmark the checked boxes you want to disable and
save the changes.
 • Install more RAM
 1. Open Start menu and search System in the search
 2. Select the option System from the results.
 3. The amount of RAM is indicated by the value given
next to installed memory.
 4. All you have to do is to increase the RAM of your
device according to its model.
 • Manual services
 1. Open start menu and search for Services.
 2. Choose option services.
 3. Change the type of startup of every service by double
clicking to Manual.
 If these steps are not competent then make sure to
contact Acer Support Number Canada +1778-806-1736
to get the additional help from the experts who are
available to you 24*7 and provide reasonable solutions.
Contact Us: If you are facing any issues with your laptop or
Computer Make a call at Acer Support Canada
 Helpline Number +1778-806-1736.
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