I am unable to print via my Lexmark Printer. What is the problem-converted

I am unable to print via
my Lexmark Printer.
What is the problem?
Lexmark Printer Solutions
Nevertheless, Lexmark Printers are widely loved and
used; they cannot avoid the inevitable fate of suffering
from errors. However, these errors are quite common
and tolerable as long as they are fixable of course.
Although, not all problems are easy to resolve and for
this Lexmark Customer support is always there to help
you get through that trouble. Now, if you have ever come
across the problem of paper jam, dust, ink or torn paper
stuck in the printer and due to this you cannot print, and
then this error is frustrating but can be solved. This error
has multiple error codes. If you wish to know the
solution, then please follow the instructions below.
Follow Each Instructions To Print:
Look for ink stains:
Sometimes you notice that the print head
is printing many prints which have extra
ink spayed on it. The chances are that this
ink had also got stuck onto the other parts
of your printer, which might cause this
issue. So carefully clean those parts with
cotton and rubbing alcohol.
Follow Each Instructions To Print:
Foreign components stuck inside:
It’s rare that we realize if there is
something stuck inside the printer, or pay
attention to the dust stuck inside it. This
ignorance leads to dust buildup in your
printer. To eliminate this, clean the dust
from the printer carefully and remove any
object stuck inside.
Follow Each Instructions To Print:
Try Resetting :
There is no problem that a good reset
cannot fix, for that- press black print copy,
stop, ok and power buttons altogether for
10 seconds. Remember to turn off your
computer before this process. Release the
power button first and after 5 seconds
release the rest of them.
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In case of any confusion or if you need
some help in this process, then
immediately call by dialing Lexmark
printer Support Number 1-7788-061736 and the experts will resolve all your
issues and queries.
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