How to Fix Printing Problem in Lexmark Printer?

How to Fix Printing Problem in
Lexmark Printer?
Technology can be a box of wonders if all the systems are on the go. But when any
of the parts don’t function, it is where the main issue begins. Delays infuriate.
Printers that are not responding can tarnish your image while in a well-reputed
company; meeting the deadlines or achieving every goal is the mission. Some
printers are moody at times but our reliable friends. They stop generating output
and giving the hard copy out. One such printer is Lexmark printer.
Why Lexmark Matters?
This printer has a strategy to win customers for life. They are productive as well as
reliable. They offer the smarter way for every one of us to save costs. Even, have
you ever got great color benefits without spending heavy costs? Have you seen
multiple applications pre-installed on your printer? I have just one answer to your
suspicion- Yes, it’s possible.
If your technical device is not processing print jobs then you may be encountering
one major issue. Check if the computer’s print spooler is working or not. If it is not
working correctly, your Lexmark print is unable to receive print jobs.
Lexmark Printer Helpline Australia has laid down the procedures that should be
followed to resolve the printing problem.
Step1. Go to Control Panel after clicking on Start.
Step2. In the control panel search box, type Computer Management.
Step3. Click the icon twice which appears on the screen.
Step4. Click services. Then, click Print Spooler and then restart your spooler
service by clicking on the button spooler service.
Send your print job again to look if the menace is fixed.
Step5. Uninstall and then reinstall the printer’s drivers.
Step6. Refer to the Lexmark’s main site to have the updated version of the drivers.
Do not take the older version, it may not work.
As you can see fixing problems in it is pretty simple. Another way of getting the
optimal resolutions for your serious problems is to save the number Lexmark
Printer Helpline Number @+61-283173447 and get the solutions in a blink of an