How to Clean the Head of the Lexmark Printer?

How to Clean the Head of the Lexmark
Lexmark Printers produce genuine product which is designed for excellence. It delivers superior
quality print for the document and image both. If you are searching for a good printer than opt
the Lexmark it will not make you regret. The user always gives positive feedback about its
goods and services. It is a smart machine which works automatically, the user just need to give
the command accordingly. It can perform multiple tasks a time like, scanning, copying, faxing
and printing. The user can use it at their home and work place, in the both places. Here we are
talking about the memory cleaning of the printer.
The experts’ team of Lexmark Technical Support Australia elaborates
the points to deal with the problem of head cleaning of the printers.
Each and every machine needs maintenance so that it will prevent you from unwanted issues. In
the case, you find your image washed out it means it’s the sign to clean the head of the printer.
1. Put the blank paper in the printer to start the process of cleaning.
2. Go to the start menu and browse the list.
3. Choose “All programs” link to get an access to the system. This feature contains several
functions of your printer. There is troubleshoot application has been designed by the
Lexmark especially for the requisite customers.
4. Choose the “Maintenance” tab to get an access to the cleaning setting of it. To check the
changes print a test page. Now the cartridge of the ink will be automatically push the ink
to the head of the printer and make it clean by the same time.
5. Check the tested page thoroughly, its color and quality both. In the case you will not get
the satisfactory result then repeat the process until you will get the happy result. Print by
print you will automatically realized that the head has been cleaned properly.
6. You can choose to replace the ink cartridge in the case, when you are continuously facing
issues in your print. To get the best result it is recommended to use only Lexmark
printers’ ink.
These are very precise and quick steps have been designed by the Lexmark Printer Helpline
Australia. In the case of query kindly contact the experts’ team by dialing the given toll-free no
+61-283173447. Here you can resolve your all queries.