How to resolve dark background problems on a Lexmark X464 printer?

How to Resolve Dark Background
Problems on a Lexmark X464 Printer?
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Follow These Methods To Avoid Background
Printing :
 Clean the inside of your Lexmark printer and
especially check the toner cartridge area.
 You would also be required to take out the
transfer roller to effectively clean the surface
 Make sure that you use OEM toner and PC
unit. Get new ones if you are currently not
using them
 You will also need to reset the connectors that
join spring contacts with the LV/ HV power
 Most of the toners leave a dark background
when they are about to be finished. You are
suggested to replace the tonner if it is
almost empty
 You can also try to replace the Pc unit in
case, it has become old
 Replacing either the LV or HV power supply
will help you to resolve the dark background
 Changing the Engine Board can also refute
your issue.
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