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A Lexmark printer's black ink cartridge
may get clogged or dried out if exposed
to air or left unused for a long period of
time. This affects the quality of your
printouts because when an ink cartridge
is clogged, the printer cannot use that
color until you clean the nozzles.
According to Lexmark Technical Support,
there is a feature in your printer that
removes clogs and dried ink.
Lexmark Printer Support
If you too are looking forward to cleaning
your ink cartridge then you have come to
the right place because Lexmark
Customer Support has given some
methods and steps for your assistance.
We recommend that you must follow
these steps according and most probably
you’ll get through this without facing any
Nozzle Cleaning via Control Panel :
➢ First of all, put a plain white paper in the paper
➢ Now, press "Menu" on the printer's control panel
➢ Then, press on “copy”
➢ Now, press "Options" and after that
"Maintenance" and press "+" and then press
➢ At last, press "Select" to begin the nozzle-cleaning
Nozzle Cleaning with Lexmark
Productivity Suite :
➢ Firstly, place plain paper in the tray.
➢ Now, double-click on "Lexmark Productivity
Suite" on your computer.
➢ Double-click "Maintain/Troubleshoot" and click
the "Maintenance" tab.
➢ Then, click on "Clean to fix horizontal streaks"
and select "Print."
➢ At last, click on "Print Again" if the black ink
cartridge remains clogged; otherwise, click on
Now You’ll be Able To Unlock Lexmark
Black Ink Cartridge
you’ll be able to clean it without
facing any issues. For any further
information regarding your printer,
feel free to call us on our official
Lexmark Technical Support Number
1-7788-061-736 and we’ll be really
happy to help you out.
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