What To Do When Lexmark Printer Prints Faded Or Poor Quality Documents

What To Do When Lexmark Printer Prints
Faded Or Poor Quality Documents?
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If you are getting bad quality prints from your
Lexmark Printer then this problem may have several
causes. Read this blog and resolve the bad quality
prints problem that you have encountered.
1. Install a new cartridge
When you install a new cartridge then it solves many
issues related to print quality. If your printing
machine is low in ink, then it produces blur and bad
quality documents.
2. Run a Clean Print Nozzles Test
➢ Power on your laptop and go to Lexmark Control
Program/Solution Center to run the Clean Print
Nozzle check. You will notice the following
* Black color, if black cartridge is installed
* Magenta, yellow and cyan, if the color
cartridge is present.
➢ Look at the diagonal lines on the top and
bottom of the solid horizontal lines. These lines
will be solid and directed towards right from left
with no extra gap.
Run a Clean Print Nozzles Test
➢ If you find gaps in the lines, run the Clean
Print Nozzle and print some pages to try and
rectifying this issue. You may also try the
wicking procedure below to preserve the
➢ If cleaning procedure doesn’t solve this
issue, you need to replace the cartridge
3. Clean the Cartridges
➢ Withdraw the cartridges from the
printer with the help of user’s guide.
➢ Take a damp towel and fold it 3-4 times.
Place the ink nozzles on the towel. Hold
the toner for about 15 seconds.
➢ Now, drag the toner with a light hand
across the paper towel in one direction
so that the bottom parts get clean.
Clean the Cartridges
➢ Install the cartridges in a proper manner with
the help of user’s guide.
➢ Repeat the nozzle cleaning process again. If
need more help, contact Lexmark printer
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non-technical problems within a timeframe.
With our effective guidelines you will be able
to operate your machine in a proper manner.
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