How to Reset the Ink level on my Lexmark Printer-converted

How to Reset the Ink level
on my Lexmark Printer?
Follow Steps To Reset the Ink level on my
Lexmark Printer
It is a great way to save money by using Refilled
cartridge instead of buying a new one but many
Lexmark printer won’t able to recognize the refilled ink
cartridge. In this situation, the best option is to reset
the printer’s ink level gauge which will help your
machine to successfully use the refilled cartridges
instead of fresh one.
You can easily reset your machine’s ink gauge levels
with less expensive printing practice by following few
quick steps provided by the tech team of our Lexmark
Reset Through Printer Solution Center
❖ First of all, open the ‘Printer Solution center’ on
your system which is associated with your print
❖ Then go to the ‘Maintenance’ tab on the current
❖ After that, click on ‘Install a new printer cartridge’
option from the select tab.
❖ You have to click on Next button until the ‘Print
the Alignment page’ window displays on the
screen of your system.
❖ Once the window appears, click on ‘Print’ button.
Reset Through Cartridge Option
If still, your print device is not recognizing the refilled
cartridges because of sufficient ink, then apply the
next process to fix this problem.
❖First of all, take out the refilled cartridge from your
printing machine.
❖Then switch it off by pressing the power button. Wait
for 20 seconds to completely power down.
❖Then turn the device back on by pressing the power
button and the machine will go through a normal startup process and will recognize that there is no the
cartridge is installed.
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executing the process, then contact
us at our toll-free Lexmark Customer
Care Number 1-844-6513-666 and
get quick and relevant remedy from
our experienced techies.
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