What To Do When A Dell Laptop Is-converted

 A start up error is basically one of the most common
errors among the Dell laptop users. In this error you’ll
notice a totally black screen that indicates the laptop is
not responding on the power start up. Well, this issue
is considered to be one of the most reported among all
the other issues. According to the Dell Customer
Support, this error can be solved within minutes and
doesn’t require any special techniques and even you
don’t have to be a computer engineer or any IT
 To help you out in this whole process, Dell Technical
Support has decided to give you some easy steps in
order to experience a flawless and problem free
procedure and on top of that, it’ll only take few
minutes to sort things out.
 • Firstly, the users are required to check that the
computer finishes initial Power-Up (POST)
 • After that, it is recommended to unplug all external
devices like Printers, Media Card Readers, Small
Media cradles, USB storage devices, CDs or DVDs from
all optical drives.
 • Now, check for specific error messages
 • Then, reset the BIOS to default
 • Then, you are required to run a computer diagnostic
 • Now, open Safe Mode option and start to boot the
 • It is recommended to restore your Critical Windows
Files with the help of Startup Repair
 • Restore system Windows Recovery Environment
 • Then needed to isolate software problem by clean-
Boot Troubleshooting process
 • Now, troubleshoot the malware and virus issue
 • At last, perform the Factory Settings to fix such issue
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