How to solve the issue of Dell Laptop Freezing or System locks-up

How to solve the issue of Dell
Laptop Freezing or System locksup?
How to solve the issue of Dell Laptop
Freezing or System locks-up?
Are you using the Dell Laptop and it freezes or
locks-up automatically again and again? You are
tired of this issue happening to you and you can’t
do your work anymore using it. We are there to
help you out in solving this problem so that you
can easily do the work on your Dell Laptop easily
and smoothly. Our Dell Laptop Technical
Support is there to give you the relevant solution
regarding any issue. You have to do the
troubleshooting for resolving the issue of freezing
or lock system automatically. Here you go with
the troubleshooting process one by another.
The steps are as follows:• Firstly, run a laptop PSA diagnostic
• Then Check for the Air Vents, if its dusty or
blocked clean it this could be one of the reasons
of freezing
• Go and check safe mode for symptoms; if the
symptoms are there in the safe mode then you
have to continue the troubleshooting steps
• After that check for the malware that is the
common issue that mostly happens
• You have to perform the clean boot in Windows
• You must update the BIOS and Drivers. By updating it
there are the chances of that the problem will no more
irritate you
• You can also update the software that created the issue
• Uninstall & then reinstall the software if you are facing
the problem in limited applications
• Run the routine maintenance so that it will verify your
system files and let you know what is the issue
• Even system restore will also work if nothing works.
Restore your system now
• In the end, is all mentioned above not works then do
the full and final thing that is re-installing the operating
system it will definitely get you the problem solved.
Dell Support Phone Number
If you have any problem in it or any other
query, then do call at toll-free Dell support
phone number(1-800-958-301). You can also
contact us via email or live chat. We are glad
to listen from your side and also get your
issues resolved successfully.
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