How can I calibrate my Dell laptop’s screen

How can I Calibrate My Dell Laptop’s Screen?
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Calibrate Dell Laptop’s Screen
It is a fact that most of us prefer a personalized
screen readability, color contrast and resolution on
our laptop’s display or screen. Well, you can adjust
that by using a utility tool which comes as default on
Windows OS. If you are not familiar with the process,
you can trust our Team for Dell Customer support
which is totally dedicated to provide help to users
like you.
Follow These Steps
 First of all, go to your desktop and right-click anywhere to open the display options.
 Now, within the list of options, you need to click on “properties”.
 After that, you will notice a new “Display Properties” Window, and then go to
“settings” tab.
 Now, all you got to do is just go to the sliding bar just under the “screen resolution”
section and slide it according to your likings.
 Once you are satisfied, click on “apply” to save the changes
 To change the “color quality” on your screen, you are required to hit the drop-down
menu which you can find just under the “color quality” tab.
 To change the quality, you need to choose between 16 and 32 bit color and click on
“apply” to save the changes.
 At last, hit the “advanced” options to change the power settings of your display. After
that you’ve done that, hit “apply” and “ok” to exit.
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We hope that with the help of these steps you can easily
calibrate you display according to your needs and most
importantly you won’t be facing any issues while doing
that. For further information, don’t hesitate to call us on
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laptop. We have a top class team of technicians who will
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