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Find Solutions at Lexmark
Printer Service Center
Set Fix Your Lexmark Printer Issues
Installed with the latest software and technology,
Lexmark has left a permanent mark in the field of
laser printers. With high-quality monochrome laser
printer, fastest text prints, dual-core processor, 128
MB memory, you can enjoy complex printing at just
6.5 seconds.
Nevertheless, in spite of all these wonderful
features, Lexmark still has some limitations
regarding its functioning and usage.
Lexmark Printer doesn’t work :
One of the most common problems, people
often come across is that the printer doesn’t
work properly. And to tackle such a
problem, follow the troubleshooting steps
belowIf your printer is not working properly, you
may need power cycle to clear out the print
job data. Another possibility is that the
paper may be jammed within the printer.
Steps to troubleshoot this problem ➢ Click on the Start button and go to Control Panel
➢ Type ‘Computer Management’ in the Control Panel search
➢ Double click on the icon
➢ Tap on ‘Services’ and then click on ‘Print Spooler’.
➢ Restart your spooler service
➢ Send your print job command again to check if the problem is
If you still can’t print, then you have to check the printer
manually to wipe out the second possibility. Check if anything
is stuck in the machine.
Follow these steps ➢Unplug your printer and disconnect the
interface cable.
➢Open the printer and ensure that no paper
is caught within the machine
➢Shut it down and leave it for at least 30
seconds before switching it on again.
➢Send a print command and see if it is
working again.
Lexmark Repair Center Canada
Another way to solve the problem is to uninstall the
printer. Or if the driver of your printer is not updated,
it may also hamper the functioning of the printer.
Visit websites for updates.
Even after all these steps, you are not able to use
your printer, then you can call make a call at
Lexmark Printer Repair Center Number 1-7788061-736 for more information. We will provide you
with the best and detailed solutions.
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